General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week 4-11-11

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Tony Geary (Luke, GH)Woe's me. Or rather woe's Luke. Can you believe the fine mess he's gotten himself into this time? As the week begins, Lucky tries to recruit Lulu's help to save their father. Will Lulu assist her brother or not? Later, Lucky finds himself commiserating with Jason as they have heart to heart over Jake and his death.

Speaking of Jason, Sam finds herself reconsidering having a baby. Could it be that she is so in love with Jason that she believes a new child would help ease his pain? Shortly thereafter, as Sam wrestles with the thought of having a baby, Nik stumbles upon Liz reviewing the paternity test results. Why is she revisiting this DNA evidence?

Dante discovers a strange connection between Johnny Zacchara and Brandon. What does Dante find out? Meantime, as Abby tries to convince Michael to take a break during Brandon's murder investigation, Johnny offers Michael his support. Will Michael take Johnny up on his offer?

On the other side of Port Charles as Diane questions Sonny's intended role in Lucian's life, Maxie discovers the truth. What truth? More importantly, does she keep this new found information to herself? Find out when you check in to General Hospital this week.