General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week 3-7-11

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Chad Duell (Michael, GH)It's all about the Balkan, Michael's life choices, and romance in Port Charles this week. First up, Sonny and Dante work together to get information from the Balkan assassin. Do they get the intel they need? At the same time, Jason warns Michael away from a mob life because of the sacrifice the job requires. Will Jason be the voice of reason for Michael or has he already made up his mind?

Speaking of Jason, before mid week, he and Sam get romantic in her hospital bed. Is a little loving just what the doctor ordered? Later, Jason pushes Spinelli into uncovering valuable information to find Brenda. Does Spinelli come through? We think yes, but we also know that when Jason finds out that he is a character in Spinelli's novel, he is not going to be happy. Does he confront Spinelli?

Meanwhile, Luke and Lucky discuss the risks of having a green card marriage with Siobhan. Will Luke be able to sway Lucky either way? While in other romantic developments, Nik and Brook Lynn make love. At the same time, Liz submits a new DNA paternity test for Aiden. Will she get the results this week? Finally, we encounter Maxie who is on a mission to nail Lisa. Do her efforts pay off? Check in to General Hospital this week and see.