General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week 2-27-12

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Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, General Hospital)It's a big week for fans as both familiar faces and newcomers to town show up in Port Charles.

But first, Sam, Patrick and Monica keep a secret from Jason. What do they choose to hide from him? Any guesses, like say, maybe the fact that Robin died to save him? Even if they remain quiet, will Jason read more into their silence than they anticipate?

Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu continue find comfort in each other. Their heartfelt time together soon leads them to the topic of their fathers...

Dante's dad, the mob king, Sonny Corinthos, and Lulu's dad, the casino-owning, gallivanting rapscallion, Luke Spencer, who, as we know, is currently in Helena's clutches. Will Dante and Lulu's conversation shed more light on understanding their respective fathers?

Speaking of which, Luke watches as Helena is up to her old tricks. Is he helpless to stop her? How will Holly's appearance save the day? Or does it? Will someone die regardless thanks to Helena's current machinations?

Shortly thereafter, Dante questions Sonny. Is it in regard to the car crash? At the same time, it's Michael who brings Starr to General Hospital. Is she severely injured? What about Cole and their child? Did they survive the crash? Could they still be trapped in the car? If so, will help get to them in time?

While in other developments, Maxie and Spinelli have a moment. Will Maxie do what Matt asks of her – namely tell Spinelli to move out? Or will Robin's death change everything?

Then, as Robert Scorpio returns to Port Charles. Patrick has good news. How will Robert cope with what awaits him when he gets to town? Does Patrick perform the procedure on Jason? If so, is Jason in the clear? Find out when you check in to General Hospital this week.