General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week 12-5-11

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Jason Thompson, Kimberly McCullouth (Patrick and Robin, General Hospital)As the week begins we see Robin and Patrick engrossed in an important conversation. What are they discussing?  Are they in agreement, or are they at odds?

Meanwhile, it turns out that Elizabeth is on the warpath and object of her anger is Luke. Why is she so upset with him this time?  Is it due to his addiction or his treatment of Lucky?

Speaking of Luke, his other child, Lulu and her boyfriend, Dante, have a disagreement.  What else is new?  Question is what are they arguing about this time?  Will these two ever come to terms with their relationship and their feelings for one another? Maybe, maybe not as before mid week, Dante asks another woman out for drinks.  Could it be Delores?  If so, does she accept his invitation?

Later, as Sonny returns home, Jason and Sam resolve to not let Franco get in the way of their love.  But will they really be able to maintain that stance?  Especially as later in the week, Franco will once again impact their lives.  One thing is certain. Sam will turn to Michael when she’s at the breaking point. Will he offer a shoulder to lean on?  As Sam gets some comfort from Michael, it looks like Jason has a breakthrough.  In what regard?

While on the other side of Port Charles, Carly has a new roommate.  Who is moving in?  One sure fire way to find out.  Keep your remote glued to General Hospital all this week and see.