General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week 12-12-11

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Nathan Parsons (Ethan, General Hospital)Ethan becomes caretaker of Wyndemere.  Not bad for the most recent Spencer to hit Port Charles.  How does he land this position?  More importantly, will anyone at Wyndemere feel threatened by it?

On the other side of town, Dante is one step ahead of Olivia. Will his mom get a clue and figure out what he’s up to?  

Meanwhile, as Sam fights feelings of disgust and sheer anger, Michael gets frantic.  Why are these two having such emotional swings?  Is their behavior related in any way? Will Sam be able to overcome her feelings?  Does Michael calm down before it’s too late? Here’s what we were able to find out. Before mid week, Michael rushes to Chicago with Sam.  Why are they headed to Shytown?

At the same time, Maggie has a chat with Patrick. She ends up giving him some unsolicited advice about Emma. Does he take her words to heart?

Shortly thereafter, Lucky pays Liz a visit.  Why has he gone to see her this time?  Regardless, it’s not long before Matt confronts Lucky.  What will Lucky have to say for himself?   Finally, things wrap up with Robin and Jason who have an important conversation.  What do they discuss? Find out when you check in to General Hospital this week.