General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week 11-7-11

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James Franco (Franco, General Hospital)As the week begins, it’s surprise, surprise for Jason as he receives Franco’s wedding gift.  What does Franco give the happy groom?  Something to make him not so happy?

As Jason deals with Franco’s latest machinations, things get ugly for two of Port Charles most prominent femmes.  Kate and Carly go for each other’s jugular.  Is it catfight time?  Speaking of  Kate, she soon finds herself in Sonny’s arms as they share a slow dance.  Do sparks fly?  Shortly thereafter...

Kate is in need of some assistance, but it’s not Sonny to the rescue. It’s Johnny.  What is Kate up to that she needs Johnny’s help?   

Meantime, Sonny may have been slow dancing with Kate, but before mid week, he pays Olivia a visit.  Why?  Could it have something to do with the fact that Steven discovers Olivia has bought something important?

While on the other side of the city, Lucky visits the church.  While there, he can’t help but feel a presence.  Is someone trying to communicate with him from beyond the grave?  Shortly thereafter, as Dante and Lulu return home, Robin catches Patrick coming home late from the hospital.  Is Patrick trying to sneak in?  More importantly, what detained him at work?  Keep your eyes peeled to General Hospital this week and see.