General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week 10-31-11

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Nancy Lee Grahn (Kate, General Hopsital)Port Charles at Halloween is all about falling leaves, jack-o-lanterns and Emma dressing up like a princess.   But low and behold there is a mysterious clown snooping around General Hospital.  Who is it and why are they scaring people?  All we can say is Emma best beware.  Danger is definitely lurking!  Could the clown really be someone like say, Franco, maybe?

At the same time, Kate is in a very retrospective mood and can’t stop thinking about her past with Sonny.  Are her memories happy ones?  Speaking of the town’s mob king pin, Sonny plans a family dinner, but will all of his family attend?  Meanwhile, Kristina questions her future as Diane breaks news of Brenda to Sonny.  How will Sonny deal with this latest piece of info on his wife? 

All we can say is before mid week, Sonny finds momentary peace.  How?

In other mob developments, Johnny works out a deal with Steve for his father.  Does Johnny have to sell his soul to get what he wants?   Speaking of Johnny, his once former lover, Oliva gets lightheaded.  Did she drink too much?  Not eat enough?  Or could something medical be causing her symptoms?

Then, as Jason and Sam share their last day in paradise, Maxie gets upset with Spinelli.  What has Spinelli done to anger his best friend?  Find out when you tune into General Hospital this week.