General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week 1-3-11

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Chad Duell (Michael, GH)2011 comes in like a lion in Port Charles as Carly and Jason try desperately to get to the crash scene. Will they succeed? If so, what will they find when they arrive? Meantime, the crash survivors look for missing Morgan. Has he escaped injury, or is he bad shape? We are not one hundred percent sure on this but we have it on good authority that early in the week someone – we don't know who – will be air lifted to General Hospital. Who was so gravely injured that they had to be transported by helicopter?

In other developments, Luke – ever the opportunist – considers using his honeymoon with Tracy as a cover for a jewel heist. Does he go through with it? If so, how will Tracy react when she finds out? Shortly thereafter on a more positive note, Brenda asks Molly and Kristina to be her bridesmaids. Will they accept?

Weddings and jewel thievery not with standing, it's the crash that has impacted just about everyone in Port Charles. In fact, one good thing comes of it as news of the bus accident brings Patrick and Robin closer. But then, someone suddenly collapses. Who? Is their collapse due to the bus crash or something else? Shortly thereafter, as Maxie refuses to allow Lisa to help Matt, Patrick performs emergency surgery on one crash survivor who is very serious condition. Will this person pull through? Check in to General Hospital this week and see!