General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week 10-24-11

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Kelly Monaco (Sam, General Hospital)Looks like she’s up to her old tricks this week.  We speak of course of Lisa who  has plans for Robin and Patrick. Will she get them to bite?  Meanwhile, fences could be on the mend on the other side of Port Charles as Carly and Sam find middle ground.  How long will this truce last?

At the same time, intrigue heats up as Elizabeth encounters a mystery man.  Just who this person is and what he wants with Liz remains to be seen.  Is she in any danger?  Meanwhile, someone finally gets through to Matt and it turns out to be Maxie. What does she do or say that enables him to see the light?

On the other side of town, Jason gets an important phone call.  Who is on the other end of the line?  More importantly will the phone call cause Jason to react in any way?  Speaking of Jason, Carly decides it is time to open up to someone and she chooses Jason.  What secret does she reveal to him?  Will he keep it under wraps?

While in other developments, Spinelli finds someone. Who?  Where?  What will Spinelli do now that he has this person in tow?  Also, it turns out that Kate has some unfinished business to complete.  Will she succeed in getting it done to everyone’s satisfaction?  Will anyone be harmed or warned or harassed in the process?  Finally, the week winds down with Sonny who figures its time to get moving on a few things. So, he sets his plans in motion.  What does he have up his sleeve this time?  Find out when you tune in to General Hospital this week.