General Hospital's Michael Shot

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 What will be Michael's fate?


Dylan CashHe wanted to be like his father, Sonny (Maurice Benard). He wanted to be a man of the mob. He got a gun. It went off and wounded Kate.  Suddenly, he didn't want to have guns anymore.  After a stiff talking to by Sonny, Michael had resolved to grow up like a regular kid.  

But now, Claudia Zacchara (Sarah Brown) has a hit out on Sonny.  Too bad her plan will go awry.    From what Soapdom has heard -- and from a rather reliable source --  instead of killing Sonny, Michael will get shot.  He will survive, but go into a deep coma and remain there for some time.

Then what?   

Can you say recast?  Soapdom has heard that the character of Michael, currently played by cutie pie Dylan Cash, will be recast with perhaps an older young man, or maybe even one who is more hunkalicious.  If that's the case, we want to wish Cash the best as he  continues with his career.  All we can say for now is stay tuned.