General Hospital's Jack Wagner on Twitter live with fans on March 1

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Jack Wagner (Frisco, General Hospital) (c)Kathy HutchinsFans of General Hospital got to submit questions (#askgh) and received real-time responses from fan favorite Jack Wagner @JackWagnerhpk (Frisco Jones) who will be up on Twitter during the East Coast broadcast of the show on Friday, March 1, 2012.

In the episode that aired March 1, we saw that Frisco left a message for Felicia (Kristina Wagner) reiterating his intention to win her back. Felicia confides her quandary to Duke, who urges her to face the problem head on. All fine and good. But it's not too long before Frisco ups the ante with Felicia.

Here's some of the twitter conversation that happened last Friday.

Renee0207:  "What is your best memory of Frisco and Felicia's first wedding?"

Wagner:  "How beautiful Kristina (Felicia) looked."

girlyvesh asked:  "Hi Jack! Frisco is a breath of fresh air! Will you be on for more than 10 epi?”

Wagner:  "Hope so!"

caitlinchris asked:  "While you were not on the show, did you miss the character of Frisco?”

Wagner:  "I didn't realize it, but yes!"

kerrwags asked:  "(What) was it like coming back to GH after all these years?"

Wagner: "Scared to death, but glad I faced my fear."

Wagner thanked all by saying:  "Thank you all for tweeting with me today. Sorry I couldn't answer everyones' questions. I hope you continue to enjoy GH n all we have to offer. Be safe..."

To see more of the conversation do a search on Twitter for #askgh, #GH50 or follow Jack Wagner @JackWagnerhpk

Oh, and here's some trivia about General Hospital, in case you didn't know.  GH was the most honored show of the 2012 Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards.  The soap opera celebrates its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013. Approaching 50 historic years on ABC, General Hospital is the longest running American soap opera currently in production and the third longest-running drama in American television history.

General Hospital was created by Frank and Doris Hursley. Frank Valentini is the executive producer. Ron Carlivati is the head writer.