General Hospital’s Genie Francis Sings Her Heart Out!

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Genie Francis Christmas CDAlong with her brothers, Ivor and Kenneth, Genie Francis releases "It's Christmas Time Again" to benefit a children's mission in Mexico.

Who knew? With a Daytime Emmy under her belt, we are well aware of how great she is as an actor. But sing? This is a whole new side of General Hospital's, Genie Francis, one half of soapdom's most famous super couple, Luke and Laura. This holiday season she is putting her acting chops on hold as she sings her way into the hearts of fans with her latest venture. Along with her two brothers, Ivor and Kenneth, Francis has recorded a compilation of Christmas songs titled "It's Christmas Time Again." now available on Amazon and iTunes. From what we've heard of the tracks, and what we've seen of the trio, it's kinda like Peter, Paul and Mary meets the 21st century!

Francis is quick to admit that the cd may have a retro feel. Retro though it may be, singing is a first for the actress. "This is new for me," she says. "I've never sung before. My brothers have been doing it all their lives so I feel safe with them. They hold me up."

Forever the modest performer, she continued: "If I sound good on the album, it's entirely because of my brothers. They made me sound better than I am."

According to Ivor Francis the experience was magic. "When the three of us came together and started singing and the harmonies clicked together, it was almost like this angelic feeling in the room."

"For me, it's been a wonderful experience to have the family work together because, honestly, that's the most important thing to me," said Kenneth.

A portion of the proceeds for the sales of the CD will benefit a children's mission in Cuerno Vaca, Mexico. "It helps the kids with food, clothes, and education," Francis said in an interview with ABC news in Los Angeles. "Tutoring is really important because there's so much poverty in this area, the kids can't afford to go to school. The parents are illiterate and there's just no way out for these people. So what we're trying to do is we're trying to let a generation out."

And for a very lucky few, the Francis family will perform one show at the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood on Saturday, December 5th beginning at 7:30 PM. It's a small, intimate venue, only 99 seats and as of this writing, only 20 tickets remain available. If you're in the LA area and want to catch this once in a lifetime evening with Genie Francis and Family up close and personal, call the NoHo Arts Center at 818 508-7101 to get your tickets. Tickets are $35. Tell them Soapdom sent you!

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