General Hospital’s Finola Hughes comes clean on Twitter

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Finola Hughes (Anna, General Hospital (c) ABC)Today, during the east coast airing of General Hospital, Finola Hughes, who plays the exceedingly popular Anna Devane, sat down with a bunch of her closest fans on Twitter and answered their burning questions in real time using #askgh

Fans asked everything and everything, from will she be singing at the Nurse's Ball, to how many children she has in real life.

Here are a few of the fun questions and Hughes' responses:

@cristvu asked: "If you couldn't be Anna, what other character would you be?"

Finola Hughes: "Sonny"

@shanman74 asked: "Are your scenes with Tony Geary all improve and fun?"

Hughes: "A bit."

@mammothluv wanted to know: "What character trait of Anna's do you admire the most?"

Hughes: "Her strength."

@lilsuchigirl asked: "Are you doing a number in the Nurses Ball?"

Hughes: "Wouldn't you like to know?"

@mochasabrina wanted to know: "Who are you most excited to see come back?"

Hughes: "Lynn (Herring, Lucy); Kristina (Wagner Felicia) and Ian (Buchanan, Duke)."

@Mama_Hooch asked: "Anna's biggest mistake?"

Hughes: "Um, not killing Faison wh en she had the chance."

@elerea asked: "Dom Zamprogna (Dante). A few weeks back...did he really bruise your leg?l Good stuff coming?

Hughes: "Yes, but we were horsing around off set."

@Matty0707 "Loved your book, Soapsuds. Care to identify characters by real name?"

Hughes: "Whisper: No!"

@mamag68 asked: "What's your favorite storyline over the years?"

Hughes: "I always like any location shoot."

As you can see from this above selection, tweets were flowing fast and furiously, and soon turned from General Hospital to personal questions like:

@mochasabrina wanted to know: "How many kids do you have in real life?"

Hughes: "In real life, 3."

@julsey asked: "What kind of music do you listen to? Favorite bands/singers/artists?

Hughes: "Morrisssey, Coldplay, Paramour.

@pandorajunkie asked: "Will you be staying long term (on General Hospital)."

Hughes: "If I play my cards right!"

Continue enjoying the conversation on Hughes twitter feed.

General Hospital celebrates 50 years on air on April 1, 2013. Soapdom congratulates the soap opera on this amazing milestone. General Hospital is currently the longest running American soap opera currently in production and the third longest-running drama in American television history.