General Hospital at the TCA's in Los Angeles

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Tony Geary (Luke, General Hospital)What's a TCA?  Fans of General Hospital outside the television community may or may not have heard that acronym. It stands for Television Critics Association.  Several times a year, networks gather to promte new programming or shows of interest to eager television critics to gain (hopefully) positive press. 

This year, ABC invited General Hospital to participate in the TCAs.  That's the great news.  I can't remember the last time a soap opera was represented by any of the networks at a TCA event.  The fact that GH was there today is definitely a good sign that ABC is standing behind it's only remaining daytime drama, especially as the soap is celebrating it's 50th anniversary next year and is getting a new timeslot this fall. (1 PM ET; 2 PM Pacific).

But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the discussion by stars and Executive Producer Frank Valentini, was a bit mixed.  On the up side -- stars are definitely happy to have the new EP. 

"We were living on death row," longtime star and multiple Daytime Emmy winner Anthony Geary (Luke) said of last year's cancellations. "I think we were all pretty emotional to get 24 [Emmy] nominations when we were so shaky about a year ago before Frank came on."

However, THR went on to report that "morbid metaphors punctuated much of the half-hour discussion, but everyone also seemed optimistic about ABC's promotion of the series upcoming time slot move..."

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) gave mega praise to Valentini saying he was like a captian who steered the ship away from the iceberg.

"Everyone seems to enjoy cutting edge things, the newest thing, but there's something to be really valued in tradition, making people comfortable and something that is generational and inclusive," she said. "That really matters. People have watched General Hospital for 50 years."

But what's concerning to us here at Soapdom is that when the topic of Valentini bringing over some of the stars from his former (and already cancelled soap, One Life to Live), Michael Easton (one of those very stars) said the following: 

"It was bittersweet.  At the same time it's been exciting to come over and work with these guys. We were pretty aware for year there that the wrecking ball was right outside the door. It's interesting to come over here and have the same feeling."

Will ABC drop the wrecking ball on GH after the hub bub of the 50th anniversary is over? 

Only one way to make sure that doesn't happen.  Keep tuning in!