General Hospital Check up Week of September 5, 2011

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Nathan Parsons (Ethan, General Hospital)Ethan shows off his softer side

I do believe Skye is sincere in her concern over Edward.  I really love her interaction with Ethan.  They have a similar banter to Luke and Skye.  And they certainly share a love for Luke.  I like seeing Ethan step up to help Skye.  And I believe he’s being genuine in wanting to help her.  Ethan is certainly genuine with his concern for Kristina.  Under all the cons and hidden agendas, is Ethan really a white knight?

Seeing Ethan as a knight in shining armor just works.  He’s got such a sweet, vulnerable side.  He’s kind and generous to those he cares about.


I think there’s a difference in Dante keeping something from Lulu that’s related to his job.  If it’s about his past, he should be honest.  But given his line of work, sometimes Dante has to keep things out of his personal relationship.

Matt was right to tell Elizabeth to stop talking and acting like she’s guilty when she isn’t.  Liz could never hurt another person, let alone kill one.  But people who don’t know her may not believe that.

I think Matt is very down played.  He’s a brilliant surgeon.  Patrick is as well.  But I do believe Patrick is over doing it just to prove himself better than his brother, Matt certainly doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

I can’t be the only person who yelled at the TV when Lucky opened that pill bottle.  It really bothered me and I know what a struggle addiction is.  Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) is playing this so realistic.  But it’s still sad to watch someone go down that road, even a fictional character.