General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of September 8, 2008

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Robin comes to terms with Robert's illness and Leo makes a dangerous move


Kimberly McCullough (Robin, General Hospital Night Shift)The last couple weeks, Patrick has really begun to evolve.  This week Patrick continued to offer support to Robert.  Patrick sort of filled in for Robin while she came to terms with her dad’s cancer.  He was also really supportive when Ryan died.  Patrick has turned into such a great guy.   

This was the first week I’ve had an interest in Claire.  Her friend, Ryan, is the main reason for my change of heart.  His “pay it forward” idea was perfect.  Ryan turned out to be a decent guy and a great potential love interest for Claire.  His death was sudden and unexpected.  It was also sad.

Claire actually made me laugh this week.  She ate an entire pie in front of Ryan.  Who does that? 

Jagger monitoring Patrick turned out to be so much more entertaining than I expected it to be.  The two of them bicker like little girls.  They’re very funny together. 

Robin has some issues with Robert’s illness.  She spent time doing research instead of visiting her father.  It seems to be difficult for Robin to come to terms with Robert’s condition.  As Robin said, she “freezes up” instead of helping Robert. As a doctor, Robin is having a tough time accepting that she may not be able to “cure” Robert.  I think some support from Anna could help Robin cope. 

Robert is having difficulty accepting the fact that he’s sick.  He feels like less of a man.  He feels like he’s lost his dignity.  Robert needs more interaction with Mac.  It would be nice to see old friends like Luke visit him too. 

Leo and Saira have such potential.  Leo’s reservations about being in a committed relationship may be his downfall.  Robin’s words, “I can tell it’s for real for her this time,” clearly scared Leo.  You could see the fear all over Leo’s face.  It was at that moment, when Leo realized he wasn’t ready for such a huge commitment.  I really hope Leo comes to his senses and grows up.  Even more, I hope Leo and Claire went no further than the kiss.  I get the feeling they did.