General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of September 29, 2008

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Robert and Anna are reunited


Finola Hughes (Anna, General Hospital Night Shift)Last year it was gang violence and this year it’s racism.  We’re seeing some interesting controversy on the Night shift.  I miss Jason moping floors in the ER this season.  It always felt safer in there with him around.

Robert wanting more sponge baths from his nurse was funny.  Robin’s solution was to hire a nurse named Richard.

Robin finally called Anna and it’s about time.  Someone has to pick up some of the emotional slack.  Poor Robin is way too overwhelmed at this point.  Robin needs a strong shoulder and Anna is her answer.

The interaction between Robin and Anna was perfectly beautiful this week.  Anna was understandably devastated by Robert’s illness.  Clearly she has a lot of love and respect for him.  It’s nice to see Anna’s vulnerable side come out of hiding again.  I love watching Finola Hughes and Kimberly McCullough together.  Their mother, daughter vibe is so strong and believable. 

Robert and Anna remind me of the great days in GH history.  It was a time when characters had depth and stories were superbly written.  Together Anna and Robert bring a sweetness and vulnerability to this current story.  They also bring humor and honesty.

Why is everyone blaming Claire for her night with Leo?  Leo blames Claire, which is classic coming from a man who cheated on his girlfriend.  Kyle blames Claire and I don’t understand that.  Isn’t Kyle supposed to be Claire’s best friend?  Next week I guess we’ll find out if Saira blames Claire.  I’m disappointed Leo isn’t taking responsibility for what happened.  He’s the one supposedly in a committed relationship so why put the blame on Claire?  Lets not forget Leo is Claire’s attending, which makes his behavior totally inappropriate.  Just when I think he’s evolved, Leo takes a major step backward.  It’s as if Leo won’t allow himself to be happy.  I don’t think Leo likes himself very much.  If he did, he would stop making himself so miserable.  With only three episodes left in the season, time is running out for our Dr. Julian.  I’m not giving up on him though.