General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of September 22, 2008

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The Julian family dynamic gets more complicated


Ethan Rains (Leo, General Hospital Night Shift)Patrick is finally “getting” that he and Robin are drifting apart emotionally.  He’s reaching out and that’s a good sign. 

Epiphany is becoming “mellow.”  It’s great to see her just roll with the punches instead of throwing them.  It looks like Patrick is picking up where Epiphany left off.

Leo needs to make a decision.  He has two choices.  First, he can level with Saira and tell her the truth about Claire.  Or, he can stop looking so guilty and move on.  The guilt appears to be eating away at Leo.  I think Leo’s decision will say a lot about what kind of man he really is.  I’ve been a fan of Leo since the beginning.  I hope he chooses option one.

It’s nice to see the emergence of Claire’s conscience.  Claire’s guilt got the best of her so she confided in Kyle.  Unfortunately the confession put more distance between Kyle and Leo.

Leo and Kyle became children again when their mom visited.  Leo has a major inferiority complex.  He feels like he can’t measure up to Kyle.  It’s difficult to understand why Leo feels the way he does.  Is it because Leo is adopted or is there more to it?  I get that Leo is “different,” but “different” doesn’t mean bad or inferior.  It can be beautiful and superior.  Why hasn’t anyone told Leo that?  If they have told Leo, why doesn’t he believe it?  Kyle feels inferior because he’s gay.  Again, the fact that Kyle is “different” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I’m finding all things Robert very emotional.  Here’s this “superman” of a guy and he’s become totally vulnerable.  Robert is quite literally fighting his most important battle – it’s the battle of and for his life.   Robert is trying to ward off his worst enemy and one he’s never encountered.  This story is beautifully written and brilliantly acted.

Anna finally visits Robert on the next episode of Night Shift.  Hopefully others will follow her lead.