General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of September 15, 2008

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Robin gets a  roommate and Leo has a guilty conscience


Tristan Rogers (Robert, General Hospital Night Shift)Leo should be wearing a scarlet “A” on his lab coat.  He must have that male flaw that prevents him from accepting happiness.  Leo has this beautiful, intelligent woman who has an obvious interest in a relationship with him and he cheats on her?  What is wrong with this man?  Even worse than the cheating is the lie.  Why not respect Saira enough to tell her the truth?  Leo doesn’t seem to “get” the obvious.  The lie is even worse than the cheat.  If Leo tells Saira, she may forgive him.  If he lies about the cheat and she finds out later, it’s over.  I was fooled into thinking Leo was becoming a changed man.  Now I’m not so sure I like the direction he’s going in.

Kyle discussing breast pumps with Epiphany was pretty funny.  Poor Kyle had no idea what he was doing at first.  He ended up making the women feel so comfortable with his humor and compassion.  He even baked cookies for the ladies!  The whole process helped Kyle become comfortable himself.  He’s evolving into a compassionate and dedicated doctor.

Epiphany is showing her softer side lately.  She gets all flustered over Jagger whenever he comes to GH.  Talking about Toussaint makes her giddy.  Epiphany just seems happier lately.  

Patrick shocks me every week.  He’s surprisingly comfortable with Stone.  Patrick seems like he’ll be a hands on father.  Robin will be sorry if she doesn’t wise up and marry this guy.  

I hesitate to say it but I think Robin is putting Mike (Stone) and Jagger in the middle of her personal life.  She says Jagger is her “family.”  Technically, Jagger isn’t Robin’s family since she and Mike never got married.  Poor Patrick feels like he can never measure up to Mike.  He’s still uncomfortable with Jagger’s presence in Robin’s life.  At Robert’s birthday party, it was clear Patrick felt like an outsider.  I think Robin is walking a very fine line.

There’s a flip side to the situation.  Patrick is stressed and over worked.  So stressed and overwhelmed he’s starting to shut Robin out emotionally.  So who does Robin turn to?  Jagger, of course.  Why isn’t Robin turning to Anna or Mac for support?  Again, I think Robin is treading in some dangerous water.

It’s nice to see the reality of Robin’s HIV status being discussed.  Robin has a real chance of giving birth to an HIV positive baby.  That’s a fact and like it or not, it shouldn’t be sugar coated or ignored.  Sometimes it feels like Robin’s HIV status is forgotten.  If given the choice, I would rather hear about the reality of her situation.  

Robert is home recovering with Robin.  I’m told Anna will be in the equation soon.  It can’t be soon enough with me.