General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of September 1, 2008

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Robin makes a life altering decision for Robert


Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson (Robin and Patrick, General Hospital Night Shift)No matter how hard I try I can’t feel a connection to Claire.  She just doesn’t interest me and either does her high school friend with four kidneys.

We finally got an understanding of why Saira is so invested in Stone’s autism.  Saira shared that she has a brother who suffers from the disorder.  Saira and Jagger shared a moment and a kiss.  I’m not feeling a romantic connection between those two.  I do like the thought of them becoming close friends.  Besides, like Robin said I think Saira is “into somebody else.” 

Finally, Mac came to see brother Robert.  Their male bonding and reminiscing was funny and interesting.  It was kind of weird that Mac spoke with an accent.  I ignored the accent because I like Robert and Mac so much, especially together. 

There was more great father, daughter interactions this week between Robert and Robin.  Robert was his usual sarcastic and witty self.  Robin played the part of the serious and concerned daughter.  Robin had to decide whether to respect Robert’s wishes or save his life.  She decided on the latter.  Robin broke the news to her dad about the colostomy.  She took full responsibility for her choice.  Now where is Anna during all this drama?

Patrick is continuing to evolve.  He was supportive and sympathetic with Robert.  Who would have thought Patrick Drake would offer comfort to Robert Scorpio?  If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it.  It was difficult to see Robert in so much pain.  So difficult that Robin had to leave his hospital room.

Leo is doing some evolving of his own.  First, he brought Saira some herbal tea.  Then, Leo turned to Saira for help with a patient’s infection.  Now I’ve seen everything – Leo Julian used homeopathic medicine to save a patient’s life.  Leo finally admitted he has feeling for Saira.  It’s anyone’s guess what will happen with those two but their relationship has great potential.

So week seven brought us another brilliantly written and executed episode.  I honestly think Night Shift gets better every week.