General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of October 6, 2008

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Robert's condition goes from bad to worse


Tristan Rogers (Robert, General Hospital Night Shift)It seems every time I watch Night Shift lately I need a box of tissues.  I understand this version of GH centers on the hospital and the patients.  It just bothers me that one of those patients is Robert Scorpio.  It’s difficult to see Robert as a vulnerable human.  “Every hero has his moment.  I think my time has run out,”  Robert said to Anna.  Admitting defeat?  That’s a far cry from the Robert we all know.  We’re so used to seeing Robert as a man in charge.  Up until now, Robert has been almost like a superhero.  He’s been invincible and untouchable, almost immortal.  Robert is the World Security Bureau agent who worked with the likes of Luke Spencer and Frisco Jones.  He’s the man who saved the world from the evil Cassidine family. 

The interaction between Anna and Robert is even better now than it was in the past.  Their love and respect for each other is very obvious and very real.  I love they way they reminisce about the old days.  Throw Robin into the mix and we have a beautiful family dynamic. 

So Saira knows about Leo’s infidelity.  I think it was very generous of her to give Leo the chance to admit what he did.  The thing is – Leo never really admitted to what he did.  He only apologized when Saira backed him into a corner.  Leo didn’t even have the courage to tell Saira what he did.  All he could say was “I’m sorry.”  Obviously this man has some serious commitment issues.  Every week I’m more disappointed in him.  I’m still hopeful that Leo will redeem himself in the last two weeks of the season.

Next week brings us part one of the season finale of Night Shift.  We’re in for a treat in the form of Luke Spencer, Sean Donnelly, and Tiffany Hill.  I hear they’ll come to Robert in the form of a dream.  I’m hoping they’ll be there when Robert comes out of his coma as well.