General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of October 20, 2008

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Season two ends on a happy note, sort of


Jason Thompson and Kim McCullough (Patrick and Robin, General Hospital Night Shift)The final episode of Night Shift brought with it a tremendous explosion.  Patrick played hero along side Jagger as the two of them diffused a bomb that was set to go off.  Jagger pulled an unconscious Saira out of a flaming car.  Leo sat and prayed (yes, prayed) by Saira’s bedside until she came out of a coma. 

It seems Claire finally found her calling after the explosion.  Even though she had resigned her position at GH, Claire jumped in and helped take care of patients injured in the explosion.  Claire finally realized that medicine was where she belonged.  Claire also made amends with Kyle. 

Leo went into doctor mode immediately to save Saira’s life.  I’d say the man redeemed himself, finally.  He sat and kept vigil at Saira’s side until she woke up.  Leo even went so far as to really apologize for cheating on Saira.  This time, it was a real, heart felt apology. 

Leo gets another high score for helping Eric get into the program in Portland.  By making the calls to the Portland clinic, Leo reached out to Kyle.  It took the entire season, but the Julian brothers have finally begun to bond.  A few more episodes and they may have even become friends.  Maybe they’re leaving that for season three.  Either way, I just plain love Dr. Leo Julian.  I loved the first version of Leo and I love the current version.  He’s a character with many layers and endless possibilities. 

Unfortunately, Jagger hit the road and headed back to California.  It seems he has his hands full with the custody hearing.   He couldn’t leave town without Epiphany’s email address, of course.  I can hardly blame Epiphany for her infatuation.  Jagger is a beauty, to be sure.

Robert and Anna admitted they still love each other.  Anna’s plan was to accompany Robert to Switzerland for some experimental treatment.  Robert had other plans, unfortunately.  He left for the airport without Anna, promising to return to her when he was back to his old self.  That part really made me sad, as I hoped for a happy ending with those two.  I assume we won’t be seeing Robert at Robin’s wedding.  Kind of disappointing, but it makes sense. 

Patrick was fired as chief of staff.  It wasn’t a surprise given all that happened at GH during Patrick’s tenure.  I can’t even complain, as I much prefer Patrick the surgeon to Patrick the chief of staff.  Patrick is a brilliant and gifted doctor – he belongs in the operating room, not in the boardroom.

This time around, Night Shift was used as an avenue to bring Patrick and Robin together, rather than pull them apart.  Season two did what GH couldn’t in that it turned me into a Scrubs fan.  I now love and appreciate Dr. Patrick Drake!  I used to find him egocentric and pompous.  Now I find him sweet, caring, and just plain darling.  This season of Night Shift brought back some old favorites like Anna, Robert, and Jagger, which was a huge bonus for long time GH fans.  That Robert Scorpio spark was as bright as ever.  I think I’ll miss him the most.  The second season of Night Shift also introduced us to new characters like Kyle and Claire.  It even gave us a recast with a twist that actually worked.  Even though season two didn’t give us Jason and Spinelli, it did give us talented actors, complex characters, and beautifully written stories.  What more could we ask for?  Nothing, except for another season.