General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of October 13, 2008

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Robert's dream brings back old favorites


While in his coma, Robert gave us all a wonderful treat.  We were able to see some former core GH characters.  It all started fittingly with the old GH theme song.  We saw a grown up Robin looking like she did the first time Robert met her.  Anna became a domestic goddess in Robert’s “dream.”  “Somehow in your mind I am Betty freaking Crocker,” Anna said unhappily.  Enter Luke Spencer, Robert best friend and partner in many an adventure.  Watching Luke and Robert interact – well it could have easily been the old days.  The vintage GH clips like the one of Robin as a little girl were a beautiful bonus.  And how is it possible that Finola Hughes looks even more beautiful now then she looked in the clip of Anna and Robert’s wedding?  Enter Sean and Tiffany.  How long has it been since we’ve seen them?  Mac was included, of course.  We don’t see nearly enough of Mac so that was a huge bonus.  Too bad Frisco Jones didn’t show up.  My only question?  Where was Laura?  Since it was all a dream, Laura could have been included.  After all, Luke, Laura, and Robert were quite a team back in the day.  Not that I’m complaining.  I enjoyed every minute of the ride down memory lane.

Saira and Jagger finally crossed the friendship line.  The only person who seemed unhappy about it was Leo.  But for lack of a better term, Leo made his bed so he may as well lay in it.   

The episode left so many loose ends to tie up.  What will happen with Jagger’s custody battle?  Will Saira survive the explosion?  Who else is hurt?  Will Eric go to Portland?  What was in the letter Toussaint was reading?  Will Kyle and Claire make amends?  Will Patrick get his confidence back?

With only one episode left, I’m thinking we won’t get all the answers.  Either way, the final episode will be an explosive ride on the Night Shift.