General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of July 28, 2008

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Robin is troubled over a young patient and Jagger moves in


Kimberly McCullough (Robin, General Hospital Night Shift)Episode two centers on Robin’s discovery that her young patient was illegally brought to the United States from China.  Patrick is in “chief of staff” mode so he wants to call the authorities.  Dr. Julian has a strong reaction to the illegal adoption.  Robin invites Jagger and Stone to stay with her until they get on their feet.  Stone’s behavior worries Robin.

Investing in new characters is sometimes difficult.  I’m still trying to warm up to the three new doctors.  I just don’t care if Claire goes on a date with a drunken patient or who she chooses to live with.  Honestly, I’d rather see more of the old favorites like Toussaint, Leo, and Epiphany.  Leo is a completely different character this time around.  Obviously he’s a complicated guy.  He’s edgy, uptight, and emotional this season.  I’d like to learn more about his past.  Questions need to be answered.  Like why does he dislike Kyle so much?  We saw a little of Leo’s softer side when he picked up Robin’s little patient and held her.  How cute was that?  It was very cute.  Leo is very cute.  I hope we see more of him this season. 

Epiphany’s reaction to Jagger was a little out of character but it made me laugh out loud.  Who can blame her though?  Jagger is a beauty.  I think Epiphany went a little over board offering Jagger a room in her house.  But it was funny.

Little by little, we’re learning about Stone.  Robin and Patrick can see that something is off with this child.  Does Jagger know there’s something wrong?  Maybe he does and he’s just not able to admit it.  I assume it will be explored further as the season moves forward.

Kimberly McCullough, Antonio Sabato, Jr. (Robin, Jagger, GH) How can Robin take in two houseguests when she has such limited space?  Isn’t her closet doubling as the nursery for the baby?  That whole invitation made no sense.  Patrick seems a bit jealous of Robin’s friendship and past with Jagger.  Having Jagger as a houseguest will put some strain on Robin and Patrick’s relationship.

The conflict between Kyle and Leo was explained a little.  Apparently Leo was given up as a child and adopted by Kyle’s family.  Clearly Leo has issues that stem from being adopted.  There has to be more to this story.  Leo has way too much resentment toward his brother.  It was nice to see the brothers sit down and finally be civil to each other.

What’s with the men in towels?  Last week it was Jagger and this week it was Leo.  I’m not complaining.  I’m just making an observation. 

Next week looks intense.  It brings the return of Tristan Rogers as Robert Scorpio.  I know I’m not the only one looking forward to it.