General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of August 4, 2008

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Robert Scorpio Returns!


Tristan Rogers (Robert, General Hospital Night Shift)I’ve been waiting for Night Shift to pick up and this week if finally happened with the return of Tristan Rogers as Robert Scorpio.  Apparently Scorpio fell out of the sky when his plane crashed.  Jagger found him and brought him to GH.  Scorpio came into the ER kicking and screaming.  At first he didn’t even know who Robin was.  In Robert’s mind Robin was still a little girl.  Interestingly Robin became a little girl when Robert collapsed.  She sat on the floor with him, holding his head and calling him “daddy.”  Even though Robin claimed not to “need a reunion,” you could tell she was really concerned about Robert.  She was a bit nervous since Robert knew nothing about the baby.

Robert actually seemed happy about the baby.  He was concerned about Robin’s HIV status too.  Kim McCullough and Tristan Rogers light up the screen.  They always have. 

I liked the history that came along with Robert’s return.  He talked about Sean Donnelly and Faison.  It made me miss the old days of the Ice Princess and the WSB.  Robert also mistook Kyle for Luke Spencer.  I liked the way Kyle played along with Robert.  The kid has potential. 

Again, I’m still not caring about Kyle and Claire’s living arrangement.  The bickering while talking with a patient wasn’t cute or funny.  It was just plain dull.  The marriage pact wasn’t much better.  I wasn’t that interested in the false pregnancy patient either.

Robin and Jagger finally were able to get past their disagreement over Stone.  It seems like Jagger is afraid to learn the truth about his son.  Hopefully Jagger trusts Robin enough to accept her help.

I’m not sure where they’re going with Toussaint and Epiphany.  Epiphany obviously has feelings for Toussaint.  It’s not clear yet if they’ll cross the friendship line.  Then there’s Leo and Dr. Batra.  They pretty much crossed the nonexistent friendship line.  The kiss was a little rough, but it’s a start.  Hopefully the pairing with Dr. Batra will improve Leo’s mood.  I don’t think I’ve seen anyone more uptight.  I really wanna see this guy happy.