General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of August 25, 2008

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Patrick shows his sensitive side and the men in Port Charles "bond"


Jason Thompson (Patrick, General Hospital Night Shift)This week brought a couple new themes to the Night Shift.  First, the boys (Patrick, Leo, and Jagger) “bonded” over basketball.  That somehow led to “safe sex” on the elevator with Robin and Patrick.  Later, Robert and Patrick started to bond over cards.

Claire tried to talk Kyle into online dating.  She wanted Kyle to jump on the bandwagon.  Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think Kyle needs the Internet to find a date.  He’s cute, smart, and funny – anyone’s “dream” date.  Claire actually took it upon herself to put Kyle’s profile online.  I’m not sure I liked how Kyle eventually caved and went for the online dating.

One recurring theme of Night Shift seems to be heartache.  This week was no exception.  Two Cystic Fibrosis patients came into the hospital.  It turns out the patients were in love.   Robin advised the woman (Moira) to take her illness more seriously.  Patrick was much more sympathetic and supported Cyrus and Moira’s “young love.”  Robin learned that Moira didn’t have much time to live.  Patrick broke the news to Cyrus with kindness and sympathy.  Patrick watched as Moira turned down Cyrus’ marriage proposal.  I was surprised to see Patrick get so emotional.  I love this new side of Patrick.  He’s really evolved from the “dog” he once was. 

Robin was a bit judgmental this week.  She didn’t support the love of two critically ill patients.   I would think Robin would be the most understanding of the situation, given her own condition.  Robin is HIV positive and she’s having a baby with the man she loves.  She’s the last person who should judge.  I found her attitude a little disappointing.  Robin almost seemed mechanical and cold when she gave Moira the bad news.  It was as if Robin was still coming to terms with her own illness. 

Toussaint gave Robert a “makeover” in the form of a new haircut.  Robert advised Toussaint not to “fool around” with a co-worker.  To prove his point, Robert told Toussaint all about Anna. 

Leo and Jagger started to form a friendship.  The big roadblock came when Leo learned that Jagger was interested in Saira.  Leo wasn’t very good at hiding his jealousy from Saira.  Not a very good move, Leo.  Never let the woman know you’re nervous about the competition.  On the other hand, I really can’t blame the guy.  Who can compete with a guy like Jagger?  It should be interesting when Saira has to choose between the two of them.  My guess is Saira will choose Jagger.  She’s already bonded with Stone so that makes things much easier.  Leo was so jealous he gave Jagger the name of an autism specialist to contact.  The man is starting to show signs of being a major manipulator.

Robin finally mentioned to her dad that Anna is in town.  Robert doesn’t want Anna to know about his illness.  I still wonder how much Mac knows.  Does Mac even know Robert is in town?   I really believe the Scorpio family needs to rally together and support Robert, despite his stubbornness.  Even with Patrick’s support, it’s too much for Robin to handle without her entire family.  So, will Robin go against her father’s wishes?  I sure hope so.