General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of August 18, 2008

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Robert agrees to get treatment and Leo defends his brother


Ethan Rains (Leo, General Hospital Night Shift)I had high hopes for season two but the show is confusing me a little.  It still seems disconnected from GH.  The result of that is disappointment and confusion.  The episodes are definitely getting better each week.  But I want more of a connection between Night Shift and GH.  

Robert had a hard time accepting the fact that he’s sick and needs treatment.  Robert may not even survive the cancer.  According to Dr. Robin, the survival odds are only 10%.  Not very good odds.  Either way, Robert needs surgery and chemotherapy.  Of course he balked at the idea of being treated.  Poor Robin became the parent of her dad.  She saw right through Robert and his fears.  Then she threatened to have him committed.  Robin was impressive – the way she stood her ground.  But Robert isn’t an easy man to defeat or control.  I’m still waiting and wondering about Anna and Mac.  Where are they and will they even appear in this story line?  They should have been here by now.  Robin needs some family support.  So does Robert.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Ethan Rains.  I find him beyond adorable.  I get that his version of Leo is very different from his brother’s.  I think much of that is because of the way the character is written this season.  This week we got a glimpse of the Dr. Leo we know and love.  We saw a glimmer of the caring, funny, sweet Dr. Leo from last season.  I found him sympathetic and believable with the family of the burn victim (Cynthia).  Leo was caught in the middle of Cynthia’s family and her partner.  The best part was when Leo stood up for Kyle against the homophobic parents.  Keep it coming, Dr. Leo.  You’re getting there.

Kyle is getting better and better.  He’s funny, sweet, and warm.  He’s become my favorite new character.  I liked how Kyle bonded with Cynthia’s partner, Alison.  I loved how Patrick stepped up to help Alison get Cynthia’s eggs.  Becoming a father has changed Patrick for the better.  It’s made him more human and more aware of other people’s needs.  He’s matured so much from the “Drake junior” we used to know.

I don’t care for the Epiphany and Toussaint pairing this time around.  I did enjoy Epiphany and Robert bond over parenting.  Epiphany brought up Stan, which reminded me that we never got a resolution to that story.

Why is Dr. Batra taking care of Stone?  She’s a holistic doctor so why is she taking care of an autistic child?  At least Jagger finally told Robin the truth. 

The whole “dead guy” musician who wasn’t really dead was lost on me. 

Next week’s episode asks, “Would you risk everything for love?”