General Hospital Night Shift Check Up - Week Of August 11, 2008

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Jagger gets disturbing news and Robert has another health crisis


Antonio Sabato Jr. (Jagger, GH Night Shift)I’m still not seeing evidence that Night Shift is taking place in the same universe as GH.  Dr. Ford’s passing has yet to be addressed on GH.  Also, Robin looks way more pregnant on GH than she does on Night Shift.  Still, the show is improving every week.  The stories are getting better and more interesting.  The characters are connecting more too; they’re not feeling “new” anymore.

Ok Dr. Leo needs to have some respect for Dr. Batra.  Throwing her underwear around in the elevator is juvenile and it will get him nowhere.  Dr. Batra is beautiful, intelligent, and classy.  I think she’ll cut Leo loose real soon if he keeps it up.

Robert is as “stubborn and bull headed” as ever.  I love this man.  I like the way Robin has taken charge of his health.

Poor Patrick got “the talk” from the witty and sarcastic Robert.   I love that Robert called Patrick “Patty cake” when he was telling Robin about the talk.   “How does a career feminist like yourself wind up with a lounge lizard like Patrick?”  Robert asked Robin.  Robin basically answered with “it takes one to know one.”  Ouch. 

Again, I’m not that interested in the Claire and Kyle relationship.  We’re getting too much of Claire’s boring history. 

I think Robin jumped the gun with Patrick this week.  She immediately believed the French woman’s story.  I was disappointed that Robin had such little faith in Patrick.  I think Patrick has proven his love and devotion.  Robin needs to start trusting him.

I found it sweet when Patrick played along with the French lady.  He took responsibility for the “stupid choices” men make.  It was good Robin was listening.  Robin heard Patrick say the most beautiful things about her.  Their story needs a happy ending.

Jagger brought Stone in to be evaluated, finally.  Stone is autistic.  GH has taken on topics like rape, HIV, and cancer.  It’s nice to see Night Shift taking on a serious topic like autism .   I’m still not clear on why Jagger didn’t tell Robin.                                                                     

The whole seniors and safe sex with Kyle was really odd.  It bordered on stupid.  There was one good aspect of it.  We got to see Kyle’s sense of humor again.  Especially when the old man propositioned him.  Kyle is actually a funny and appealing character.  He just needs a good story.  Maybe we could have a little more interaction with Leo?  They’re actually funny together.  We’ve been promised some history of the Julian brothers.  I’m hoping we get it soon.

This week’s episode ended on a low note.  Robert has colon cancer.  So what’s the one good thing that may come out of Robert’s latest crisis?  That’s easy – Anna.