General Hospital Check Up Week of September 9, 2013

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Is Franco in love with Carly?

Roger Howarth (Franco, GH)As much as I LOVE seeing Laura Wright (Carly) and Roger Howarth (Franco) together, I just don’t get the character connection – yet. That being said, Franco is Jason’s twin. And Jason was Carly’s best friend. So, I do believe there could be a strong connection – just not a romantic one. At least not this soon. I may get on board in time.

I really do still miss the Todd and Carly connection. Now that was a romance I could believe and support. There’s just no way to replace a character like Todd.

After giving it a lot of thought, I think Ava killed Connie. I think she did it to put Sonny in a vulnerable place. Ava is a cold hearted woman – we’ve seen much evidence of that. So I’m thinking that after AJ passed out, Ava arrived and picked up where he left off. This is just a theory of course. But it makes sense if you think about it.

Who do you think fathered Britt’s baby? I think it was Dante. I think Britt took his sample and went and got herself pregnant. That was, the child would be more likely to resemble Patrick. He would likely have dark hair and dark eyes. And the baby wouldn’t look the least bit Chinese – like Brad.

So who do you think is lurking around Port Charles? They’re trying to make us believe that it’s Jason. I think it’s Heather. It’s about time for her to make a return. I suppose it could be Jason. But that’s very unlikely.

I sort of like Sam with Silas. She brings out a softer side in him. But Silas seems to have some skeletons in his closet. Wonder what they are?

In actor news, Michael Easton (Silas) and his wife welcomed his second child, a son, earlier this month. As reported previously, Kim McCullough will return as fan favorite Robin Scorpio-Drake. Check out journalist Michael Fairman’s interview with the actress here.