General Hospital Check Up - Week Of September 8, 2008

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Carly's in hot water but Sam plays with fire


Kelly Monaco (Sam, General Hospital)So Jerry is back to his old tricks again.  He made the free clinic go “boom.”  Jerry was sure in a big hurry to get Sam out of the clinic.  Obviously she wasn’t one of his intended “victims.”  Can someone tell me why nobody bothered to lock the door of the clinic?  Does Sam even have a key?  Maybe it’s me but Sam seems uncomfortable with Jerry.  It’s almost like she’s afraid of him.  Maybe she’s just disgusted by him.  Jerry senses Sam’s fear and he takes advantage of it.  He gets right in Sam’s face and touches her hair.  When Jerry does that, Sam looks like she wants to jump out of her skin.

It’s clear now that Karpov knows Jerry and Jax are brothers.  He made some threatening remarks about Jax, which Jerry politely ignored.  It seems Jerry is playing for both teams.  Karpov’s days are clearly numbered.  If he dies, it will be by Jerry’s hands.

Maxie and Jason are forming a weird friendship over their concern for Spinelli.  It seemed like Maxie was on the verge of admitting her feelings for Spinelli to Jason.  I’m getting the impression Maxie is falling for Spinelli. 

Are Carly and Jax over or will he give her another chance?  Jax was so offended and surprised to learn Carly went from Sonny to him on the same night.  Isn’t that classic Carly?  She went from A.J. to Tony on the same night when Michael was conceived.  At least this time around she took a shower between men.  Jax knows about Carly’s past as well as her flaws so why is he suddenly so shocked by her behavior?  Is Jax worried that Carly took Morgan and left town?  Or is Jax worried that Carly went back to Sonny?  I do honestly believe Carly learned her lesson.  I think she really does love Jax.  I don’t think she has any feelings left for Sonny.   

I think the two people who love Lulu most are Nikolas and Johnny.  Lucky just comes across as a big dumb lug.  The guy is completely clueless.  All he knows how to do is blame Johnny for everything.  Nik figured out the truth about the murder, finally.  I doubt Lucky has the brains to put the pieces together.

Regardless of whether Laura is really awake, she is such a good mother.  She’s understanding, compassionate, and loving.  I loved it when she talked about baby Nikolas and the Cassidine Island.  She even brought up Lulu’s illness as a child and how only Nikolas could save her.
When Jerry walked into the clinic and Nadine was bent over with her backside to him, he said, "my, my do you offer that lovely view to all your customers?"  Just color me amused, Jerry!  Nobody else could have delivered those lines like you.  One of the many reasons I like Jerry so much is his sick sense of humor.  Jerry also told Nadine he was “slightly allergic” to the police.  I had a feeling Matt and Nadine would be in the clinic when it went “boom.”  I can think of some people I would rather have seen in there. 
How dumb are Sam and Lucky?  Rhetorical question because there are no words to describe their stupidity.  They stand in the open and kiss?  Long enough to get caught by Jerry?  In the real world their stupidity would have killed them by now. 

This was funny:

Sam (about Jerry): He happens to have a thing for me.

Lucky: Is that supposed to be encouraging?

Sam is getting in way over her head with Jerry.  She actually challenged Jerry to choose between her and Alexis.  Sam turned down Jerry’s invitation for a boat ride but she invited him over for dinner?  I wonder how far she’ll go to prove to Jerry she’s interested in him.
Sorry but “juror #2” (Edward) makes me laugh.  When that juror suggested sushi, EQ said, "I'm Edward Quartermaine, I don't eat raw food."

Laura is giving Lulu some excellent advice.  If Laura’s awakening isn’t real, then Lulu is a freaking genius.  Also Laura couldn’t get away from Lulu fast enough right before Nik showed up.  So is Laura real or imagined?  Is mama here or not?

Lulu finally got the courage to tell the truth about Logan’s murder and nobody believed her.  Even Scott thought Lulu confessed to save Johnny.  If they had believed her, would Lulu have told the court how Logan attacked her?  I wonder.

Sonny is looking rather smug for a guy who got caught with his hand in the Carly, I mean cookie jar.  Kate’s a fool if she forgives Sonny.  She’s an even bigger fool if she marries him.

Claudia can sure spin a dramatic tale.  Her story about Logan was so believable and so emotional.  I believed her and I know the truth.  I wonder what she used as her motivation.  Maybe her little trysts with Trevor?

Liz is ready to be with Jason in secret rather than lose him all together.  She says she can “separate” who Jason is from what he does for a living.  If Liz could listen to Jason’s conversation with Karpov and still want him, more power to her.  I say, go grab yourself some “in the moment” happiness.

Next week should bring us a verdict in Johnny’s murder trial.  It should also bring us some resolution for Liason.  I’m keeping positive thoughts on both.