General Hospital Check Up Week of September 30, 2013

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Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH)The truth about Maxie’s baby finally comes out

So Dante and Lulu finally know the truth about the baby. But now what? Lulu’s idea of adopting Connie so Maxie can’t claim her is a huge reach. How can they adopt a baby that’s supposed to be their birth child? And if they told the truth, why would they think Maxie would go for it?

That being said, I think Connie belongs with Maxie and Spinelli. They should raise their child and Lulu and Dante can adopt another baby. Or does Dante already have a son? I think (and forgive me if I’ve gone on about this) that Britt’s son is Dante’s child. It just seems too convenient. He’s obviously not Brad’s son. And what better choice than Dante? Britt had access to Dante’s sample and it was a sure bet that a child with Dante would have dark features. So, that being said, the baby would sort of resemble Patrick.

Back to Maxie. Did she do a horrible thing by giving her baby up or was she acting out of love? I really don’t think Maxie wanted to hurt Lulu. I think Maxie was in a desperate situation so she did what she thought was best. She did want she did without thinking it through. But can we really blame Maxie? I honestly believe she acted out of love and tried her best to fix things.

So Jerry is back and he’s as mean and sarcastic (and wickedly appealing) as ever! Will he really release Robin when she finds the cure? Or is this the typical Jerry – just saying whatever will get him the result he wants? No matter – because either way, it’s just plain delicious fun to watch.

If I could have one wish it would be to see Anna take on Dr. Obrecht. Wouldn’t that be fun? I’d like to see the two of them face off – no guns and no syringes. I’m betting Anna would win that fight.

In actor news, last Friday, Tristan Rogers returned as the finally awake Robert Scorpio. No word yet as to how long Rogers will stick around. Also, Amber Tamblyn (ex Emily) has become a series regular on ‘Two and a Half Men.’