General Hospital Check Up Week of September 28, 2009

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Claudia learns Olivia's secret and Sarah Brown gets "Bold & Beautiful"

Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital)Soap fans love soap weddings. I'm no exception. That being said, I enjoyed the Spixie "non wedding" more than any soap wedding I've seen in years. Spinelli loves Maxie so much that he did, indeed set her free. Maxie loves Spinelli so much that she did, indeed come back to him.

So, on to the non-reception at Jake's. Morgan and Molly stole the stage with their

Karaoke song. Aaron Refvem (Morgan) was born to be on a stage. The kid is amazingly talented. And he can sing.

Nathan Parsons (Ethan, General Hospital)I have to give honorable mention to the men who sang "Macho Man." Incredibly hilarious, especially John J. York's (Mac) shaking of his back side. Blake Gibbons (Coleman) suddenly became the ringmaster. The guy can dance too. Speaking of dancing - Jason Cook (Matt) - can we talk? He's a good dancer! Even the good Father joined in and sang along. Another honorable mention goes to Ethan for his version of INXS. So - huge props to Nathan Parsons for his version of the late, great Michael Hutchence.

What a strange pair Kate and Coleman made. But in a strange and naughty way, they worked well together. Kate rarely lets her hair down and when she does, it's usually interesting. I wonder if we'll see them interact again.

So speaking of Kate, she recognized her cousin Dante and almost spilled to everyone in Jake's. Too bad Claudia overheard Kate and Olivia discuss who Sonny's newest "soldier" really is. So how will Claudia use her newfound information? Maybe as a way to keep Dante alive? Knowing Claudia, she'll probably use the information as a way to keep Olivia far away from Sonny. But, Claudia's knowledge of Dante will most likely be her downfall. She's gonna do something impulsive and she'll be sorry. Dead sorry. Between her knowledge of Dante and her role in Michael's shooting, it's likely Claudia will leave Port Charles in a body bag.

It's so nice to see Tony Geary (Luke) again. I'm also very happy to see Constance Towers (Helena). But I'm not sure I understand what's going on with them yet. Ethan and Lulu are off to find Luke. What about Lucky? Why didn't he get an SOS text?

Ok, speaking of Lucky, the news of Greg Vaughan's (Lucky) surprise departure spread quickly this past week. Vaughan made the announcement on his Twitter page on Wednesday ( ). I've been told by many people what a nice person Greg is. He loves and appreciates his fans. Best of luck to Greg and his lovely family.

It seems the originator of the role of Lucky, Jonathan Jackson, has returned to GH. Jackson is already taping and will be seen on screen soon. For more on Jackson, visit his official site 

Find out more on the Vaughan out - Jackson in saga at

Finally in other exciting actor news, Sarah Brown (soon to be ex Claudia) will be creating a new role (Sandy Sommers) on the popular soap, The Bold and the Beautiful. Brown confirmed the news on her Twitter page last week ( ) She appears on B & B beginning on November 6th.  Find out more on this story from Soapdom.