General hospital Check Up Week of September 26, 2011

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Will Dante survive?

Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH)Couldn’t you just feel it that Dante was doomed? Things were just too weird right before he was shot. It was as if they were setting us up for Dante’s death. Not that he’s going to die – but it just seemed that way. And can Dante survive what looks to be a serious bullet wound. And again, this has a Sonny connection. Will Olivia forgive Sonny this time?

For once in his miserable life, it would be refreshing to see Sonny respect others. Instead of moving back so Steve could try and save Dante, Sonny chose to get in the way. It’s as if Sonny just doesn’t

consider a single consequence to his actions. He always acts on impulse and never, ever thinks about the aftermath.

Did you catch the way Carly looked at Shawn when he stepped up for Michael? The sure way to Carly’s heart is to stand up for her kids, especially Michael. And now that Shawn and Carly are locked in that room together, anything can (and most likely will) happen.

All this talk about Laura has me wondering. Genie Francis (Laura) is on ‘The Young and the Restless’ so why do they keep bringing up the character now? It is rather silly that Laura hasn’t been involved in her children’s lives lately. Between Lucky losing his son and now Lulu’s stuff with Dante – those two need their mother. This is the time when Laura IS needed back home.

Props to Lucky for admitting he used to Elizabeth. It takes an awful lot for an addict to make an admission. And Lucky gets credit for disclosing all to Mac too. It’s the first step in his recovery. Perhaps Dante’s shooting is Lucky’s ‘rock bottom.’

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