General Hospital Check Up Week of September 23, 2013

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Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH)Morgan’s marriage is over – thanks to Sonny

I think Morgan is a mess. That being said, I give him props for finally admitting the truth to Kiki. Even though Sonny spoke up, Morgan didn’t have to admit the truth, but he did. But, the kid has some serious issues with Michael. Even though Sonny’s timing was so wrong, he’s right. Morgan’s marriage was based on deception. And that will always win out. But I do understand that Morgan loves Kiki – he just didn’t respect her and believe in her enough to tell her the entire truth.

Getting back to Morgan – did anyone else see that hook up with Ava coming? If you ask me, Ava always liked Morgan a little bit too much. She was always very friendly and physical with him. I have no problem with an older woman and a younger man at all. But Morgan is only 19 and Ava has to be well into her 40’s. So is that age difference too big? Maybe so.

And once again – the true adult in this situation is Michael. Always honest and truthful. Michael is the complete opposite of all three of his parents. And he’s certainly got nothing in common with Morgan.

So Carlos is from Puerto Rico and his last name is Rivera? Who thinks he’s related to the deceased former Mrs. Sonny Corinthos – Lily Rivera? I do! It makes perfect sense – that family hates Sonny and blames them for Lily’s death. But who is Carlos? Lily’s younger brother perhaps? Maybe a cousin?

It won’t be long before Anna figures out the truth about Derek. It won’t come as a surprise to Anna that Julian is alive. After all – Duke came back from the dead, so anything is possible. And very soon, Anna will hopefully learn that Robin is alive and well.

In actor news, Kim McCullough returns this week as the beloved Robin Scorpio-Drake.