General Hospital Check Up - Week Of September 22, 2008

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Wedding bells ring for Sonny and Kate


Maurice Benard(Sonny, General hospital)I’m not sure who’s playing whom with Sam and Jerry.  He seems genuinely attracted to Sam.  If Lucky were out of the picture, I think Sam would have jumped at the chance to be with Jerry.  I don’t think Sam would have given Alexis a second thought.  Sam is trying to make Jerry look bad, at the very least.  I think Jerry is trying to catch Sam in her own trap.

Why is Sam going to the mountains with Lucky and his kids?  Isn’t she supposed to be convincing Jerry she’s into him?  I wonder how she’ll explain her way out of this one.

Nikolas played hero again.  He’s very appealing with a gun in his hand.  I think his inner tough guy finally came out.

I really really hope Jason and Liz go to Italy.  Enough yanking of people's chains already - let them go spend some time alone together.

It seems Lulu has imagined all her conversations with Laura.  It’s so nice that Lulu has sweet, supportive Nikolas to help her through all of it.  The whole thing still doesn’t add up.  Laura moved the tiniest bit this week for real.  I’m thinking and hoping Laura will wake up for real soon.

People are saying Claudia seems “obsessed” with Johnny.  Especially when it comes to his choice in a girlfriend.  I can understand Claudia’s concern.  Lulu is a pretty serious “liability” for Johnny.  Lulu is the reason Johnny went to prison and went on trial for murder.  She also has a mentally ill mother and two brothers who disapprove of her relationship with Johnny.  Lulu is a dangerous distraction for Johnny.  Then there’s Anthony – he clearly disapproves of Lulu’s relationship with Johnny.  I think Claudia has reason to be worried.

Please tell me why Kate refers to Sonny as “Sonny” when she reminisces about their younger days.  Didn’t Sonny get his nickname after Kate took off on him?   Didn’t Joe Scully give Michael Corinthos the nickname, Sonny?  So why doesn’t Kate call him Michael in her journals and her early memories? 

I really like Olivia.  She’s just more “real” than Kate.  She’s so much more believable as the tough Italian girl from Sonny’s old neighborhood.   Olivia has the qualities I’d like Kate to have – sarcasm, sense of humor, and an authentic New York accent.

Carly was so happy to learn what a phony Kate is.  She was positively giddy.  I love that side of Carly.  I mean the confident, satisfied side of her.  I don’t enjoy Carly when she’s begging a man to love her.  I enjoy her when she’s in control of a situation.  I’m as giddy as Carly that Kate’s secrets are about to come out. 

The wedding – where do I start?  First, the church was full of people who don’t even like Sonny and Kate.  Ric showed his “bad taste” by bringing Claudia as his date.  Then Lulu brought Johnny.  Sort of a slap in the face to Sonny on both counts, don’t you think?  I have to give Alexis props for not bringing Jerry to the wedding.  She’s been the queen of “bad taste” lately so this was a nice change.  I guess if all the guests had to be friends of Sonny and Kate, the church would have been empty.