General Hospital Check up Week of September 19, 2011

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Maurice Benard (Sonny, General Hospital)Can Kate save Sonny from himself?

Sonny is totally and most definitely his own ‘worst enemy’ – but this new ‘version’ of Kate seems to really understand that fact.  I didn’t feel it before, but it seems Kate still has feelings for Sonny.  She really does ‘get’ him.  Sonny did ‘go from being bullied to being the bully.’  He’s never recovered from the abuse he suffered as a child.

It’s come down to a simple fact – how does one know if Sonny is sincere or not?  It’s as if he’s apologizing because it’s what he’s supposed to do.  Nothing is coming from Sonny’s heart – if in fact he has one.  The words Sonny says are almost scripted.  They’re what people expect him to say, given his crazy behavior.

The fact that Sonny is turning to Kate is a good example.  Sonny was just deserted by the love of his life.  Now he’s turning to Kate?  How odd that is.  Sonny is far from being over Brenda, yet he’s looking to Kate already.

I loved the way Johnny secretly shot Maxie’s attacker and then just walked away.  Loved it.  It’s nice to see John has a heart.  He really does have the soul of a good person, for a crazy criminal, that is.

As nice as it is to see Luke (Tony Geary), it’s really fun watching him with Skye.  But the most fun is watching Shawn and Carly.  He’s great looking, strong, smart, and he cooks.  Who could ask for more?  And he dances!!

I love seeing this side of Matt.  He was so kind and tender with Elizabeth.  And I’m glad Maxie witnessed their chemistry.  Elizabeth is a huge threat to Maxie’s relationship with Matt.  Perhaps Maxie will return to her relationship with Spinelli and let Matt move forward with Elizabeth.

And Matt has great bedside manner with Kristina.  It’s nice to see more of him.  We need to know what makes Matt tick.  Jason Cook (Matt) is so great in this role.  He’s so underused.  And he’s got such great potential.