General Hospital Check Up Week of October 8, 2012

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Sam learns the truth & Luke comes home

Kelly Monaco (Sam, General Hospital) (c) ABCSam finally learned her baby is alive. Sam is desperate to get her son back from Heather. But will the news bring Sam closer to Jason or will it alienate them even more?

Finally Luke is back home. I can’t wait to see him interact with Todd. But the real question is this – what will Duke’s return do to Luke’s budding romance with Anna? As much as we held out hope that Anna would eventually reunite with Robert, this Duke story is getting interesting. There are a lot of unanswered questions though.

So Duke is alive – it appears that this man could be legitimate. He does appear to know a lot about things that happened in the past. But at the same time, Duke seems oddly cold and mysterious. Granted, if Duke really did spend years in a foreign prison, he has reason to be grouchy and cold. And if this is the real Duke, why is he involved in Robin’s death?   It’s hard to believe the real Duke Lavery make Anna suffer over the death of her only child?

How many wanted to see Heather leap off the hospital roof? I know I did. Enough already with her crazy schemes. Heather is just over the top nuts.

Heather is the only person who can get away with such ridiculous crimes. She actually went to GH – and she’s so smug, there was no attempt to disguise herself! And how oblivious are the people of Llanview and Port Charles? Don’t they watch the news? I just find it hard to believe that criminally insane Heather could wander around town and not get noticed by a single person.

In actor news, Rick Springfield’s (Noah Drake) new CD ‘Songs for the End of the World’ dropped October 9.

According to, former ‘GH’ actress Amber Tamblyn (ex Emily) married actor David Cross (‘Arrested Development’ earlier this month.

Kelly Monaco (Sam) is safe to dance again this week on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ The popular dance reality show airs Monday and Tuesday nights. Check your local listings for air times.

Thanks to Jen Lilley (ex Maxie), Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), and Kelly Sullivan (Kate/Connie) for granting Soapdom exclusive interviews Sunday in Michigan.  The three 'GH' actresses were in town to host fan events in Troy.  Check back soon to see what these ladies had to share with me.