General Hospital Check Up - Week Of October 6, 2008

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Ric and Claudia melted my screen


Rick Hearst (Ric, General Hospital)When Sonny starts that facial twitching, we are in huge trouble.  I wonder if he’s remembering to take his meds?  I’m not being nasty or sarcastic – I’m being serious.  This side of Sonny scares me a little.  Sonny’s anger and his emotions are way out of control.  Sonny needs to get his facts straight before he yells at Jason.  He kept saying Kate was “dying” and “fighting for her life,” but Patrick said she’d recover fully.  Sonny needs to spend less time barking and more time listening.  I truly feel Sonny is heading toward another breakdown.  Sonny has convinced himself that he's the one who has been "wronged" in all of this. Everything is a personal betrayal to Sonny and he can't see past that. 

This whole Nikolas/Nadine/Spinelli thing was just too ridiculous.  Someone needs to shake Nadine.  Hopefully the fall down the steps knocked some sense into her head.

Ric and Claudia gave us one of the best sexy scenes we’ve had to date.  The way Ric took Claudia’s boot off was very seductive.  I loved them together and I hope this was the first of many hot scenes.  The second (and third and fourth) time I watched, I had to put my head in the freezer.  Seriously though, I think Ric genuinely likes Claudia.

Why does Patrick get the burden of Kate and Olivia’s secret?  Should he tell Robin?  I don’t think he should.  It’s Kate’s secret to tell.  Scratch that – it’s Olivia’s secret to tell.  I still cannot comprehend how Kate could plan to marry Sonny and not tell him he has another son

Why is Matt back at work so soon?  Didn’t he have major burns?  Didn’t he need skin grafts?  Wasn’t he in huge amounts of pain?  It would be nice to see Matt interact with Patrick or Noah again soon.

Johnny is a bit of an emotional mess.  He went from tears to anger in the same few minutes.  He threw Anthony to the floor, knowing full well Anthony can walk.  Then Johnny went and attacked Ric.  Tick tock, Johnny. 

Anthony is so freaking diabolical.  How long has he been able to walk?  He hatched this thought out plan to take over Port Charles.  Is Sonny desperate enough to fall for Anthony’s game?  It’s nice to see that Johnny isn’t.  He sees right through his crazy daddy. 

Even though I’m not crazy about Alexis, that whole sex conversation with Jerry made me laugh:

Alexis: I wasn't referring to sex.
Jerry: Oh, we could go upstairs and have some.
Alexis: I can’t.
Jerry: Why not?

Alexis: I'm on the clock.

Jerry: I'll be quick.
Alexis: No fun for me.
Jerry: I'll be quick and creative.
After that conversation the question that comes to mind is this - will Jerry obey Karpov and kill Alexis?  Probably not.
Maximus is very funny and poor Max is so stressed.  What was it Maximus called Milo?  Was it Marco? No it was Mario.  I think the best part of this story was watching Carly cuddle up to Max.  He gets so nervous when Carly gets close.  The other priceless part was Diane’s expression while it was happening.  And talk about expressions – Steve Burton is the king of funny facial expressions.  I love the comical side of Jason Morgan.

Nadine is another clueless person who has no idea what Jerry is capable of.  She was actually dumb enough to search his hotel room.  And give me a break about the dragon on Jerry's shoe.  For one thing it was a boot not a shoe and you couldn't see the dragon unless Jerry was wearing very short pants.  The day he set the clinic on fire, Jerry wasn't wearing shorter pants so how did Matt see the dragon on the upper part of the boot??  Back to Nadine – where did she get the maid uniform?  What about the room key?  Suddenly Nadine has connections at the Metro Court?  Clearly Nadine annoys Jerry.  But what was in that needle he stuck in her and does she remember anything about it?  Why did Jerry dump Nadine at the clinic then lurk around outside the door?  Too many unanswered questions.  Well, hopefully Jerry will have more than five lines next week so we can get some answers.