General Hospital Check Up Week of October 5, 2009

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Sam crosses the line & American Idol comes to Port Charles

Kelly Monaco (Sam, General Hospital)How great was it to see Chikezie Eze from American Idol play  “K.Z.,” a bartender at Jake's who sings. According to what I've read, Chikezie met Sarah Brown (Claudia) and she suggested him for GH. He's a great addition to Jake's, especially since he can actually sing.

Ok, speaking of singing, HUGE props to Brandon Barash for his version of

"Try a Little Tenderness" on Friday. Wow - I didn't know he could sing so well.

Has there ever been a more annoying character than ADA Louise?? I don't think so. Could she be any more obvious? She's all hot and bothered over Patrick and shamelessly chasing after him like a teenager. The woman is an ADA and all she wants to discuss is getting drunk in the good old days of college. How ridiculous that is. Robin better open her eyes - wide - and get a clue. I'm not sure the sexy alien costume is the right avenue. But I have to give Robin credit for stepping out of her comfort zone.

Ok so I assume Claudia plans on getting pregnant by Dante/Dominic and passing the baby off as Sonny's child? I guess that could work since the DNA would be similar. But in a word - yuck. And Claudia is making way too many enemies for comfort. Every time I see her make someone angry I cringe. It seems pretty obvious that Sarah Brown's exit will mean the death of Claudia.

I'm still not feeling the new Cassadine story. As reported on Soapdom's General Hospital Casting page, Matt Borlenghi's (Valentin Cassadine) airdate has been "postponed" to an unknown time. I was looking forward to seeing Matt on GH. I'm just a little confused as to what the story is with Valentin.

Kristina is clearly heading for big trouble - so why is Sam paving the road for her? Seriously. Kristina is WAY too young and naïve to be sexually active. Sam crossed the line by taking Kristina to a clinic and helping her get on birth control. And Sam shouldn't be keeping something so important from Alexis. When the truth comes out (and it will), Sam's gonna be in hot water with Alexis. It's so difficult to watch Alexis judge other people's children when her own daughter (Kristina) is such a train wreck. Alexis has no clue what a mess Kristina is and Sam KNOWS that. Sam really should be more responsible and tell Alexis the truth.

Rick Springfield (Noah/Eli, General Hospital)In recent actor news, Soap Opera Digest reported that Ingo Rademacher (Jax) married fiancé Ehiku on October 3rd in Malibu. Rick Springfield (Noah/Eli) begins airing on Showtime's hit series, Californication this week. Check your cable listings or go to ( Sarah Brown (Claudia) airs on B&B beginning on November 5th. Jonathan Jackson begins airing as Lucky October 27th. Numerous GH actors commented via Twitter on Greg Vaughan's departure. I think Nancy Lee Grahn said it best. Grahn said she was "heartbroken about Greg." She added "this is a guy who worked constantly before GH and will continue to do the same after GH. He is an amazing gentleman, a dedicated father, a committed and talented actor who is loved and adored by his cast." Very nicely put Nancy. Finally, Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and wife, Brienne Pedigo, welcomed son, Greysun James Christopher, on October 3rd. Soapdom wishes Tyler and family much love and good wishes.