General hospital Check Up Week of October 3, 2011

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Shawn & Carly - is this a love connection?

Laura Wright (Carly, GH)It seems that there’s way more to Shawn then meets the eye. He’s got some secrets but if anyone can get him to disclose, it’s Carly. The man has some serious walls when Carly gets too close for his comfort. Their playful banter is fun to watch. They’re comical together. It’s obvious there’s a mutual attraction.

It’s also funny to see Sonny’s jealousy with Shawn. It’s funny that Sonny is making Carly’s relationship with Shawn

about him. Sonny is the quintessential ‘little girl.’ Everything must be about him and done for his benefit. He doesn’t even consider anyone else.

I’m not buying this new understanding between Sonny and Kate. It’s nice to see them getting along but why now? I still find it hard to believe that Sonny loves Kate. He’s far from over Brenda.

Lulu appears to be having second thoughts about marriage to Dante. Maybe the danger, violence, and uncertainty are too much for her. Did she say yes out of guilt? It’s obvious Lulu loves Dante but does she want the kind of life he can offer? I have some doubts that she will go through with the marriage. For one thing, she’s not wearing the ring every single minute.

Is Lucky to blame for Dante’s shooting? I’m not so sure he is. One thing that’s so nice to see is Ethan’s nurturing side with is siblings. He genuinely cares about Lucky and Lulu. Both of them are kind of in a vulnerable state right now so Ethan is sort of playing big brother.

Luke is asking an awful lot of Tracy. He’s abandoned her time after time. He’s cheated over and over. But the thought of Tracy and Anthony is too much. I suppose Tracy might go through with it in exchange for Anthony’s silence. I kind of hope she doesn’t.

In actor news, Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina) is officially out. Word is the role will be recast with an actress who looks older so the show can move forward with the Kristina and Ethan romance.