General Hospital Check Up Week of October 28, 2013

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Robin returns to Port Charles – but will she be discovered?

Kim McCullough (Robin, GH)Robin really took a huge chance going to the hospital Halloween party. Not that I blame her – I would have done the same thing. But, it’s kind of a dangerous chance she’s taking. What happens if someone recognizes her?

That being said, I don’t know how Robin has the strength to watch her family from afar. It must be killing her not to tell them the truth. Will she stay silent if Patrick marries Sabrina? There are just too many ‘what ifs’ in this equation.

On the lighter side, didn’t Faison make a wonderful Beetlejuice? He really is adorable in his own frightening way. But even though he’s wickedly funny, Faison is clearly out of his mind. The only time Faison seems human is when Anna is mentioned. He becomes a big pile of Jell-O. As for the mad Dr. O – she just complements Faison. I really think she completes him. Together, they are the perfect blend of humor, dysfunction, and crazy!

So I’m starting to like (not love) Nikolas and Britt. They have so much in common – not that it’s a good thing – but it’s really easy to see why they understand each other. But, what will happen when the truth comes out about Britt’s son? We all know Ben isn’t Brad’s child. And if he’s Lulu and Dante’s son, then Nikolas could be caught in the middle of a big conflict.

Speaking of Lulu, she’s really got herself convinced that Connie belongs to her. I find myself yelling when Lulu says things like ‘Connie is my daughter.’ I wonder if Lulu really believes she’s Connie’s mother. I really think she could be headed for a breakdown.

It was really wonderful going back to ‘Ryan’s’ last week. Even better – we saw Ilene Kristen recreate the role of Delia Ryan. She’s absolutely wonderful. And it really fits that Delia is Ava’s mother. I hope we see more of Delia.

In actor news, watch for Jacklyn Zeman’s upcoming return as Bobbie. And GH alum Rick Springfield is currently on tour. Visit his official website to see when he’s coming to your town.