General Hospital Check Up - Week Of October 27, 2008

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November Sweeps come in like a lion


Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital)However you spell it, Shady Brook has to be the worst facility in the country.  First, they lock up Lulu without checking to see if Laura is missing.  They don’t even bother to call Laura’s other kids or her mother.  Nikolas is Laura’s guardian – why didn’t they call him?  And how exactly did Scotty take Laura out of the hospital in the first place?  Don’t they have security guards?  Cameras? 

Scotty and Laura are together again.  I use the word, together, loosely.  But they are together, in a sense.  It was very odd to see them like that at first.  When I started watching General Hospital in the 1970’s, Laura was in high school and she was dating Scotty.  I think he was in law School at the time.  I remember when Laura killed David Hamilton like it was yesterday.  But, I admit I love everything Laura and Scotty.  When Lulu looked at the scrapbook, I remember so many of those pictures from my early days watching the show.   I remember watching when Laura and Scotty had their honeymoon in LA so this is a beautiful trip down that lane called memory for me.  This whole story is so nostalgic and full of history but a few old clips would have been nice too.  My heart broke for Laura when she spoke with Edward.  Scotty only told Laura about Luke’s marriage to Tracy to make Luke look bad.  Too bad Scotty didn’t consider what the news would do to Laura.  And finally when Laura and Luke locked eyes ............  wow, beautifully done.  I do wonder if they’ll ever explain why Laura suddenly came back.  Is it permanent this time? 

People have been wondering why Lulu went to Lucky first for help.  I say it was as simple as geography.  Lucky was closer and faster so Lulu headed there first.  With Nikolas, she had to hop on that launch then sail on to Wayne Manor.  It makes sense that Lulu went to Lucky first. 

My favorite thing about the Scrubs wedding was Mac Scorpio.  What can I say except Mac makes me happy.  I love seeing him play daddy to Robin in Robert’s absence.  Anna’s appearance was almost as good as Mac’s.  She mentioned seeing Robert which helped resolve what happened in the last episode of Night Shift.  Yes, Mac went a bit overboard when he saw Jason in the church.  But, Mac was just protecting Robin.

Another guy who makes me happy is Coleman.  Yes, he’s sleazy and naughty, but in all the right places.  Who else could get away with calling Edward a “playa?” 

Why was Patrick talking cars with Olivia instead of getting ready for the wedding?  Suddenly they’re bonding over hot rods?  Olivia gave Patrick all this free advice – why?  From there Patrick went to the hospital to do his rounds.  I don’t understand what that was about.  Was Patrick dragging his feet on purpose?  Or was he just being a “typical” man?  Robin was with her family and getting ready for the wedding.  Patrick was just acting like it was a regular day.  The cherry on top would be Patrick operating on Anthony Z, rather than letting Matt take over.  But the sibling bickering between Matt and Patrick was amusing.

Ric swallowed his pride and went to visit brother Sonny.  Ric asked Sonny to keep his distance from Claudia.  It seems like Ric is developing feelings for Claudia.  Could it be Ric is falling in love with Claudia?  I don’t think Ric has loved anyone since Elizabeth.  I’m talking real, honest to goodness, knot in the stomach, love. 

Maxie stole the show last week, so to speak.  She confided in Spinelli about why she never wants to get married.  I remember the double wedding Maxie described – the one where Felicia married Mac and Lucy married Kevin.  I also remember the affair Felicia had with Luke.  From there, Maxie proceeded to go tell Jason why his presence was needed at the wedding.  “Is that why you refuse to go to Patrick and Robin’s wedding, because you have to whack someone?  That’s rude,” Maxie said to Jason.  I guess she told him.  That Maxie – the way she walks, talks, dresses, stresses – well she’s just an absolute doll.

I had such a hard time watching Robin Friday.  I literally could feel her pain, as I will never, ever forget what a contraction feels like.  Quite honestly the most painful thing I've ever experienced.  It was very believable acting on the part of Kim McCullough, especially since she's never given birth.
They really do offend me when they just have Jerry lurk around and say next to nothing.  But I do believe Jerry is trying to kill Sam.  Don't you??
That whole thing where Karpov’s men shackled Sonny and Karpov stabbed him - wow!!  I had a hard time breathing while Sonny was under the water.  Honestly though, I do think it's time for Mr. Karpov to exit one way or another.  I'm hoping for the best there.
Somebody tell me why Jason left GH when he heard Robin and the baby were in serious trouble?  Why didn't he stick around?  I figured the next person he saw would pay, as his mood couldn't have been good.  Wouldn't you know that person was Sam? 
Ok "boom" - I'm thinking Jerry was responsible for that.  More explosions to come, I’m sure.  November Sweeps has started with a bang.