General hospital Check Up Week of October 24, 2011

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What happened to Lisa?

Brianna Brown (Lisa, GH)Pretty much everyone on that ship had reason to want Lisa dead. Obviously some would benefit from her death more than others. I think we can pretty much rule Matt out since he was too drunk to do much of anything. But Patrick is another story. He kept telling Robin that Lisa was “gone” and he sounded pretty convinced. Patrick reeks of guilt – what did he do?

Then there’s seemingly on the level Steven. Lisa used Steve to get to Patrick and he could have been harboring a grudge. And where did those scratches on his face come from? We really don’t know much about Steven’s past either. He seems like the “perfect” man but who really knows what skeletons are in his closet.

Honestly, if anyone did away with Lisa, my money goes on Johnny. He seems to be getting his conscience back. And Lisa did drug him and leave him helpless. John’s certainly not beyond murder. And in this case, he’s doing everyone a favor.

Does Matt have feelings for Liz? I think he does. I think Matt is reevaluating his relationship with Maxie. They have nothing in common. Elizabeth is a much better fit. Not only are they both medical, they have similar family issues. Both have older brothers who are on a pedestal. Both have fathers who are doctors. And both have some major insecurities. It makes for some interesting possibilities.

Alexis and Luke never fail to make me laugh. We don’t see them interact much but when we do, it’s worth the wait:

Alexis: Do you remember that book that came out last year, that woman? She had these unrealistic expectations of her kids, right? You know, she wanted them to do piano for four hours, and they were only 3. Then she wanted them to learn multiple languages at 4, and she wanted them on the college track before they even got out of nursery school.

Luke: Which one of them slit her throat? Or did they kill each other?

Alexis: Exactly. See, this woman had some issues. She thought that her children were extensions of herself, and she thought their excellence was a reflection of her. Pathological narcissist. See, that's the opposite kind of narcissist that you are, and I think I fall somewhere in the middle.

Luke: Oh, sure you do.

Alexis: I am nothing like that woman. I know that -- that... I can't live my children's lives, and I know that, at some point, I'm gonna have to let them go, but I'm never gonna stop wanting what's best for them or trying to guide them.

Luke: Well, as a middle-of-the-road narcissist, that's your prerogative