General Hospital Check Up week of October 19, 2009

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Claudia's days are numbered - will she go out with a bang??

Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital)It's really too bad Sarah Brown is gone and Claudia is going. Claudia and Sonny were great in Puerto Rico. It was very exciting when Claudia pulled a gun and stood her ground. I loved it when she asked Sonny how to speak Spanish to the guy she was about to shoot. The woman is one terrificĀ  bad ass, I'll give her that. I love the Bonnie and Clyde vibe she and Sonny had in Puerto Rico. We should have seen that more often. Pity, because the clock is ticking and it's not in Claudia's favor. Jason is closing in so it won't be too much longer.

Honestly - and I can't believe I'm saying this - I'm not as opposed to Dominic/Dante and Lulu as I once was. The only thing is, I'd like to see Dominic/Dante tell Lulu the truth about who and what he is. How can he hope for a relationship with a woman if she doesn't even know who he is? Tell Lulu the truth already and let her decide for herself. I think Lulu might be more inclined to get involved with Dominic/Dante if she knows he's not a mobster. Then again, looking at her history, who knows? That being said, Dominic/Dante is still cute, funny, interesting, and dangerous as an undercover detective. So I would think he'd still appeal to Lulu.

Wow! How nice it was to see Lesley, Audrey, and Bobbie on hand for Lucky's big marriage announcement. Finally, some characters from GH past. These were three very important women in past storylines. I remember the days when Lesley and Rick Webber were front and center. The days when Steve and Audrey were the glue that held the hospital together. When Bobbie and Tony were front and center. Not just Bobbie and Tony - Bobbie period. Those were the days when Mac Scorpio had more than a couple lines of dialogue a week. When he owned the Outback and had a personal life. What happened to all these wonderful characters we all grew to love?

Dominic/Dante is so good for Kristina. She so needs an older and wiser male in her life. Not someone old enough to be a father figure. The girl is so confused and misguided about men and relationships. You can tell Dominic/Dante has a soft spot for Kristina. And it's not a creepy, weird, stalkerish thing. It's genuine and it's appropriate. It's brotherly. How great it was to hear Dominic/Dante offer to "pound Kiefer into the ground" for "disrespecting" Kristina? What girl doesn't dream of having a brother like that? I really think he can prove to be a great mentor for all of his siblings. I wish it would happen already. Dominic/Dante clearly has a void in his life. He craves family interaction and relationships. I really think he's is a great role model for Michael, Morgan, and Kristina. Even cousin Molly will benefit from having Dominic/Dante around. Imagine the challenging conversations the two of them will have. Little Molly telling cousin Dominic/Dante "what for." He won't know what hit him. And he'll enjoy every minute of it.

I sort of like Ethan and Lucky being on the same side finally. They both dislike and distrust Helena. Remember when Nikolas and Lucky loathed each other? Then it was such a nice transition when they became friends and brothers. Hopefully we'll see that kind of relationship develop with Ethan and Lucky.

Why is Elizabeth settling? She's admitted she isn't in love with Lucky. Why is she marrying him? She gave up the love of her life (Jason) once. Now she's found Nikolas and is willing to give him up too. Why won't Liz put herself first?? She loves Nikolas, not Lucky. It's time for Elizabeth to be truthful to herself and to Lucky.

Greg Vaughan (Lucky, General Hospital)Speaking of Lucky, Greg Vaughan tweeted that he booked a part in the new independent film, Sebastian. Also, Michael Fairman recently published a nice exit interview with Vaughan. Trust me, you'll wanna read this very candid and interesting story.