General Hospital Check up Week of October 17, 2011

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Do Lucky & Elizabeth have a future together?

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, GH)I’m on the fence about Lucky and Elizabeth. Should she just (as Ethan said) ‘let it go?’ It’s very difficult when you have the kind of history they have to just move on. Is Elizabeth that dangerous for Lucky? And will she stray if they get back together? Makes me wonder how Lucky really feels about Elizabeth. Does he love her? Or is she just a convenient crutch?

I honestly got a little chuckle out of how angry Sam got over

Carly and Shawn showing up in Hawaii. And even though she’s protesting, Carly really enjoyed interrupting the honeymoon.

Good for Matt for making his celebration about him and not Maxie. And there’s a little thing between him and Elizabeth that needs to be explored. I’m glad Matt excluded Maxie – she doesn’t deserve to be part of the celebration.

We don’t see nearly enough of Scott Reeves shirtless. The man is amazing. He looks like a chiseled statue. But what is Steven hiding from his past? Obviously it’s something big and possibly scandalous.

Speaking of the past, Sonny and Kate are complete opposites when it comes to their past. Sonny is held prisoner by his abusive past. Kate completely left her past behind and recreated herself. Sonny’s past haunts him. Kate would give anything to erase hers. The real question is – will Sonny and Kate reunite?

Lisa is so over the top. How did she get to this place? Whatever Lisa has planned, it will be her last hurrah. It’s been confirmed that the character will soon be killed off. So unfortunately, Lisa’s portrayer Brianna Brown will exit for good this time. Her exit will allow a murder mystery to unfold. So who do you think is responsible for Lisa’s murder – any guesses?