General Hospital Check Up Week of October 15, 2012

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Will Jason survive this time?

Steve Burton (Jason, GH)It seems like Jason has been off his game lately. Not answering his phone – it’s frightening that Jason is getting sloppy. Ever since Jason became consumed with finding Sam’s son, he’s been out of sync. And that’s what could have cost Jason his life.

Promos don’t look good for the end of our beloved Jason Morgan. It looks like Jason’s life could end just the way we would expect – violently.

For many of us, the possible ‘death’ of Jason is very sad. Many remember the ‘golden boy’ – the young man everyone knew would be a great success as a doctor. And even after his brain damage, Jason found his way back into our hearts. So, is he dead or alive? That’s the question – but what’s the answer?

What’s the real agenda with Duke? I’m convinced this really is Duke Lavery. And Robin somehow fits in with his plan. How could Duke – a man who was like a father to Robin – so such a thing? Will Duke deliver Robin to Anna once he’s back in her life? And if so, how will he explain?

I understand that Duke is using Joe as a means to an end. Yes the plan backfired. But the fact remains that Duke wants to take over the PC mob. I’m not sure why he thinks that’s a good idea, considering Anna’s position in the community.

I’m with Luke. I don’t trust Duke. Real Duke or not, this is clearly a dangerous man. There’s no telling what Duke will do to get what he wants.

In actor news, fans can cheer Kelly Monaco (Sam) on for another week of dancing. Monaco and all of her ‘Dancing’ cast mates are safe to dance again next week on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’