General Hospital Check Up Week of October 14, 2013

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Nikolas gets a shocking surprise

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH)It was very fitting that Nikolas was the one to actually discover Robin. And in his family’s home – it just worked. The only thing missing was crazy Helena.

But, will Nikolas be able to fight Jerry off? Let’s not forget that Nikolas and Jerry have an interesting and violent history. So Nikolas will surely have his finger on the trigger where Jerry is concerned. I’m thinking Robert and Anna will show up and literally save the day. The question is – will they get there in time? And what will happen to Jerry. Yes, I care what happens to Jerry. He’s just the guy we all love to hate. He brings the kind of evil to the canvas that nobody else does. Except maybe Faison.

Speaking of Faison – I totally bought into the interaction between him and Britt’s baby. I don’t believe there was any acting going on there either. Anders Hove was just adorable with that little baby. Seriously, how cute were they together? Kinda funny, considering.

One of my favorite moments of the week was when we saw the two Annas face off. It was crazy exciting! No matter what happens, Anna will always win.

That being said, this whole adventure has been a blast for those of us who know and love these classic characters. Even though I’ve enjoyed the comic relief of Franco, Diane, Carly, and all the rest, this is why I watch ‘General Hospital.’ I love the excitement. I love it when favorite characters come back and pay tribute to all of that history. And I love it when my emotions are on the edge – not knowing what will happen in the end.

As unappealing as it sounds, Britt and Nikolas are a good match. Both of them have that element of evil in their parentage. Granted – Britt comes from two psychos and Nikolas only from one. But I could totally buy them as a couple.

Speaking of the evil Britt – I give her props for telling Nikolas the truth but…. Will she tell him who really fathered her baby? I still believe it was Dante. And I believe the truth will eventually come out.

In actor news, Jason Thompson (Patrick) will co-host ‘The View’ this Wednesday October 23. The following day, Thompson will appear on ‘The Chew’ along with Sean Blakemore (Shawn), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), Roger Howarth (Franco), Kelly Monaco (Sam). Both talk shows air on ABC.