General Hospital Check Up - Week Of October 13, 2008

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Luke returns and Jerry gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar


Tony Geary (Luke, General Hospital)I can’t even imagine what color tux Coleman will wear in his role as Patrick’s best man.  I’m flashing back to Senior Prom, 1979 or so.  Baby blue, maybe?  This boys bonding between Patrick and Coleman is a bit on the odd side.  These men have absolutely nothing in common.  Thinking about it, Patrick has no other male friends, does he?  If you look past the sleaze factor, Coleman is an ok guy.  Patrick just seems a bit uptight to be hanging out with Coleman. 

How beautiful was it to hear Carly call Kate “Connie?”  Funny how Kate goes crying to Carly when she needs a favor.  Although isn’t it interesting how Carly is calling the kettle black?  Carly called Kate a “fake and a phony.”  Wasn’t it Carly aka Caroline Benson who rolled into town all those years ago with a fake name and identity?  Sorry Carly, but “pot, meet kettle.”  Both women are guilty of being fake if you ask me.  The difference is Carly is devoted to her family and friends.   Carly is a courageous and dependable woman.  She’ll put her life on the line for someone she loves.  Kate only cares about herself and her own needs.  Kate pushed her family aside in order to further her career.   She’s a selfish, backstabbing, superficial woman.  If Carly stabs someone, she does it from the front so they see her coming.

Why does Carly keep walking in on people?  First she interrupted Jason and Liz almost having sex.  Then she walked in on Olivia and Kate discussing the “secret.”   Finally, Carly walked in on Nikolas and Nadine.  Carly handled it so much better with Nikolas than she did with Jason.  With Jason, Carly was mortified and embarrassed.  With Nikolas, Carly seemed amused and she actually had a smirk on her face.  What a nice touch it was for Jax to walk in after Nadine left.  Carly claimed she had a “personal” relationship with Nikolas.  Jax seemed to believe it too since Nikolas was shirtless.  Carly had the upper hand and she took full advantage of the situation.  Good for her.

Karpov ordered Jerry to kill Alexis.  Jerry’s response?  “It’s very bad manners to shoot the woman that you’re sleeping with in most cases,” he told Karpov.  Then Jerry proceeded to set it up so Sam would be photographed meeting with Karpov.  All this to take Alexis’ mind off Karpov?  Too bad Sam isn’t brighter – she could beat Jerry at his own evil game.  Otherwise Jerry comes out the hero and Sam gets busted for working with Karpov.  Is Alexis really this naïve?  Does she really think Sam is a criminal and Jerry is reformed?  I’d like to think Alexis is smarter than that.  Maybe Alexis knows what Jerry is up to and she’s waiting patiently for him to slip up.  Maybe she knows Sam is out there trying to prove Jerry hasn’t deviated an inch from his days as James Craig.  Jerry stood there with Alexis and feigned concern for Sam.  Alexis should listen to Diane.   Diane doubts Jerry’s sincerity and finds his protective nature suspect.  All Jerry seems to do lately is make Alexis doubt Sam and trust him.  Jerry twists the situation so he looks like the hero.  Alexis gets upsetting information on Sam and Jerry is there to “rescue” Alexis from her anguish.  Say what you will about Jerry but he’s a brilliant manipulator, that’s for sure.  Sam continues to shock me.  She answered the door wearing the skimpiest of bikinis.  The woman is so playing with fire.  I’m certain Jerry will find a way to spin the hot tub kiss his own way.  Knowing Jerry, he’ll convince Alexis that Sam forced him to do it.  Never mind that Jerry certainly didn’t look like he was being forced into anything.

The Giambetti family dynamic is never dull.  Maximus has a unique way with words.  He calls Jason “muscles” and “goombah.”  “Emotions make us stupid and stupid makes us dead,” said Maximus to Max.  Maximus knew all along Max was spinning a tale about being in charge of PC.  I’m pretty sure Maximus even knows Milo’s name.

Luke is back, almost.  I suppose he’ll be back in Port Charles soon.  It sure took Tracy a long time to convince Luke to go home.  There’s supposed to be a real Laura awakening this time around.  It would be nice to have a Luke and Laura reunion.

Talk about having a man at your beck and call.  I’d say that describes Jason and Elizabeth this week.  Liz called a meeting and Jason ran to her studio.  Liz said “paint” and Jason picked up a brush.  Jason had no idea Liz was calling him over for a painting party.  I’m thinking he was expecting another kind of meeting.  And wasn’t Jason taken aback when he went in for a kiss and Liz asked, “can you start painting?”  It was beautifully and brilliantly manipulative but not the least bit offensive.  Jason wasn’t so keen on Liz’s timing, given what’s going on in his life.   Her answer?  “Maybe you shouldn’t be living your life on red alert.” 

Spinelli played a mental patient on Friday.  But why all that twitching and jerking?   “I’m just trying to mimic the behavior of an unhinged inmate,” Spinelli told Dr. Maxie.  Too bad all of Spinelli’s effort landed him in a padded room.  Here’s the conversation that put Spinelli in a straight jacket:

Spinelli: The jackal has been often aware of the burdensome tension that exists between, you know, trusting one's own instincts and accepting the wisdom of others, you know -- for throughout history, there's been a delicate balance between prophet and madman.

Doctor: Um, who is the jackal?

Spinelli: Oh, I am the jackal. The assassin of the Internet, ace of cyberspace, trusted minion of stone cold, and more recently, the grasshopper of love.

Doctor: Third person delusion, nihilism, observe for possible destructive tendencies --

Spinelli: Actually, I must protest vehemently. We must decry such labels, for there exists but a fragile wall between those who would wish to build the world up and those who would wish to watch it burn.

Words only Spinelli could and would utter to be sure.