General Hospital Check Up week of October 12, 2009

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Helena threatens to expose Elizabeth & Nikolas

Constance Towers (Helena, General Hospital)How great it is to have Constance Towers back as Helena. We really do love to hate her, don't we. Even after being poisoned, Helena is up to her typical evil tricks. She got under Elizabeth's skin by bringing up the tryst with Nikolas. Here's the thing - how does Helena know about Liz and Nik? Wasn't she in Greece under house arrest when they got together? I wonder if Helena has a spy at Wyndemere. Who could it be? Alfred maybe? Although he seems totally devoted to Nikolas, Alfred could easily be Helena's double agent.

Helena's visits are always good for some tension, sexual or otherwise. I never get tired of the interaction between her and Luke. But this week, I really enjoyed Helena's interaction with Alexis. It's just plain funny the way Helena insults Alexis. She makes all these digs about Alexis being over weight and aging badly. The funny thing is, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) looks absolutely perfect and gorgeous. She's doesn't look old or over weight. Yet, when Helena insults Alexis, it just works. The sarcasm and the banter that flies between the two of them is so entertaining.

It's funny how we've heard nothing about Ian Devlin for almost a year and suddenly this dead doctor is a hot topic of conversation. Suddenly Jason is analyzing Devlin's last words ("there's more") and trying to tie them to Claudia. And after all this time, Jason decided to look at the evidence that came in with Devlin's corpse. So what's next? I'd say Jason will find an incriminating tape recording that ties Claudia to Michael's shooting. Then "bang," Claudia's dead.

Laura Wright (Carly, General Hospital)Coleman and Johnny are sort of the new Batman and Robin of Port Charles. They were like these two comic superheroes tending to Carly and coaching her through the contractions. They even went with Carly to the hospital. Johnny went because he really is a nice guy and a caring person. I had to laugh when Carly squeezed Johnny's hand so hard he cried out. I think Coleman went to the hospital because he knew if anything happened to Carly or the baby, he was in huge trouble with Sonny. But Coleman totally redeemed himself when he brought Carly a cup of ice chips. Very thoughtful, especially considering the man isn't a father or a husband. There was a great funny moment when both Johnny and Coleman started rambling at the same time trying to explain things to Jax. It's always great to see Coleman, but I especially enjoy seeing him interact with people outside of the bar.

I can't help wondering what Olivia will tell Sonny. Will she tell Sonny that Dante/Dominic is his son? Or will she tell Sonny that Claudia plans on seducing Dante/Dominic so she can get herself pregnant? You never know with Olivia. Whatever Olivia tells Sonny, it won't benefit Claudia, that's for sure. We're in for some exciting stuff as we head closer to November sweeps so stay tuned.