General hospital Check Up Week of October 10, 2011

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Luke tries to make amends with Lucky & Shawn and Carly sizzle

Jonathan Jackson (Lucky, GH)Even though Luke was inappropriate with Lucky last time they talked, one can assume it was the alcohol. Luke supposedly quit drinking and he wants ‘a relationship’ with his children. So, even though he’s been a bad father, I suppose Luke deserves a chance to turn things around.

Lucky is bitter when it comes to Luke, and rightly so. But, Lucky needs to understand that, being an addict himself, sometimes it takes

forgiveness to move on. And the fact that Luke is going to a meeting is pretty big.

Now on to Shawn and Carly. I can’t get over the sex appeal they hold as a couple. I love watching how uncomfortable and agitated Carly makes him. There’s so much tension between them – but it’s the good kind of tension. Even though Shawn is far from ‘normal,’ he’s a much better option for Carly. I also like how well Shawn reads Carly. He knows what she’ll do before she does it – not always, but pretty close. That being said, sometimes Shawn doesn’t know what’s hit him when it comes to Carly.

It’s so refreshing to see the more responsible side of Ethan. He’s the brother worried about Lucky. With Nikolas gone, Lucky needs a brother who honestly cares about him. Ethan is also highly intelligent – he’s just chosen to use his smarts the wrong way in the past. It’s nice to see Ethan as more of a ‘white knight’ than a common criminal.

So, we’re to believe Lisa is lurking around the halls of General Hospital and nobody sees her? It’s not as if Lisa looks different. She’s not disguised in any way. I’m not sure I believe that’s possible or realistic. Obviously she’s got some crazy plan up her sleeve. Whatever it is, we can assume that it won’t end well.